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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News .....Doocy, Hannity, Kelly And Fox New et al.

Fox News follows its business model while clearly feeding its hordes of sycophants. The network has deployed a Obama is responsible for the Fort Hood shooting programming schedule. Sean Hannity borrowed the Bill O'Reilly "color commentation" model by booking the GOP's number two maniac from former congressman Allen West. Nothing like booking a black man to speaking insanely about the black president.

The Raw Story provides another perspective. I am going to go slightly out of character and say, the Fox News host pictured via The Raw Story is a former Washington DC "weather guy" (non-meteorologist) and he is well placed as a major idiot on the network of idiots.

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‘Fox & Friends’ finds Obama ‘responsible’ for Ft. Hood shooting within first 24 hours (via Raw Story )
The hosts of the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends on Thursday found a way to make both President Barack Obama and gun control “responsible” for a shooting at Fort Hood, less than 24 hours after it occurred. Late Thursday afternoon, authorities…


Since Fox has gone on a mission with Anti-Obama feed for its red meat ravish viewers, we may as well include Megyn Kelly's latest foray into matters of race.

As you view the following, try to think if you have ever heard anyone employed by Fox News refer to perpetrator as having a "white sounding" name. No matter the answer, it is impossible to deny Kelly again enacted racially charged lingo for her audience. Of course, you do not need a reminder of Kelly's past regarding racially charged broadcasts, but let's "go there."  

II. Kelly responds with a fake address to Mom, Dad and the Kids. What kids are watching Kelly at 10:00PM EST?  How shallow and deceitful in effort to cover Kelly's obvious racial paradigms. 

Watch as TPM Livewire provides a 32 second video of Kelly rather poor reading through her prompter a, drawing an admirable line on not enunciating the name of the Fort Hood shooter. She even took a snip at the Fox News show that preceded her show as a "name giver."  You will notice the 32 second video stops shy of her clear and focused efforts to label the shooter as having a "Hispanic or Latino" sounding name."  


Megyn Kelly Won't Name Ft. Hood Shooter, But Is Fine With Describing His Ethnicity (VIDEO)

TOM KLUDT – APRIL 3, 2014, 10:50 AM 
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly took a stand against naming the soldier who opened fire at Fort Hood on Wednesday, but she didn't have a problem dropping an ethnic description of the shooter. 
Kelly opened her show on Wednesday night with an explanation of her show's policy. 
"Authorities are identifying the shooter. If you are interested you can get his name on other shows, like the one that preceded this one and online, but we have decided not to name these mass killers as a policy here on the ‘Kelly File,’" Kelly said. 
She stuck to the policy later in the program, but casually offered a description of the suspect based on his name. 
"The nationality of the shooter, it sounds Hispanic, Latino, but you can look up his name online," Kelly said.

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