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The Pardu
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Kissing Congressman W/Conservative Values!

Thanks to the friend of the TPI Tracy Knauss for this graphic work. While, we have no interest in piling on the philandering congressman and his concubine, we have posted a shortened segment related to his obvious phoniness and deceit when it comes to playing to conservatives for votes. Playing to conservatives via use of religion and the often stated conservative values. Values we simply do not see beyond the often spoken word. (full segment)

Of course, these trysts are not the sole domain of the GOP. The Democrats have a former president, former would have been presidents, and members of congress who have been caught with their hands in places the appendage should not have been. Yet, not one of the 'caught" democrats had a history of winning votes on the back of the Bible or religious values.

Here we have McAllister tongue lashing a staffer. Lashing a staffer (also married staffer) in a room without technical wherewithal to realize many room monitors (cameras) are infra-red! 

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