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The Pardu
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Friday, June 6, 2014

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Nails Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Flak From The Right

Looks like a captive; not a deserter!

If you have not watched the following two segments from the Rachel Maddow show, you are effectively uninformed regarding all matters related to the Bergdahl prisoner exchange.

I am not going to posit beyond the segments. They are occupy a total of 30 minutes.  Yes, I am going to use the over-used phrase. "They are must watch!"

You might be falling victim to right-wing politicizing an issue that would never have been manipulated six years ago.


  1. When had a Republican every stood with an American soldier? The answer is never.

  2. on this call life, a Christian brother stated to us years ago we are all bound by cause/effect- assets/liabilities.
    in bergdahl situation the cause was he walk off his post and everything after that 2009 is related to the cause.
    it does not matter deserter/hero etc. etc., the initial act is the CAUSE! he will regret he has to come home, the
    media and yes all of us will already be the NEW CAUSE?EFFECT!

  3. now the soldiers situation by our five senses we endure the HORROR'S of COMBAT the stench of death you
    smell it ,taste it,see /hear/feel it ,you get by each day asking GOD to Forgive YOU, YOU hear back home all
    the dismay by those we elect,by those of our commanders, yes I Question and had doubts what the Hell am I doing
    here, its not what they said it was, so you do only thing you must have each others to get by that next DAY*********