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Friday, July 18, 2014

Did A Group Of Israelis Actually Cheer-on A Barrage Against Gaza?

In the US, we flock to fireworks displays on the Fourth of July, It seems some in Israel have another visual and sensory treat.

Disgusting SCUM!

Israeli Crowd Cheers As Missile Hits Gaza Live On CNN

Linked article worthy of a read....
The spectacle of Israeli's sitting on hillside cheering what can only be desecrated as a slaughter in Gaza reminds of the first significant battle of the US Civil War. The battle of Bull Run/Manassass (July 21, 1861) was witnessed by well-off citizens of Washington DC who journeyed to Richmond Va. to witness the battle. A common sentiment as Union Troops would slaughter Confederate defenders. They witnessed a Confederate Army victory. 
They found nothing to cheer!
  History Dot Com (two minute video)
We at the TPI have avoided major coverage of the Israeli government's seemingly heavy-handed response 'terror' rocket launches from Gaza. We have listened and watched as President Obama appropriately stated disdain for rocket attacks on Israel and his remarks of Israel's potential of stepping over the line (with special mention of disproportionate deaths in Gaza).  It is impossible to avoid stating our contempt for the image above and video cheering the result of ordinance.  
As a backdrop to the disgusting cheering, the CNN reporter, Diana Magnay, has been reassigned to Moscow after tweeting the word "SCUM" in reference to cheering Israeli citizens. The tweet has been deleted, but as is always the case someone captured the item before it was deleted.
I wonder if President Lincoln's authorities threatened to lynch the citizens of DC for any comment about the major Union defeat at Manassas?
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.00.29 PM

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