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Friday, July 11, 2014

Fox News Quick Hit: O'Reilly and Goldberg Stage and Anti-Palin Segment

Fox News contributor either poses a problem for Bill O'Reilly or the contributor followed a craftily crafted script.

Do you think the Right will ever rid itself of Sarah Palin? Despite the short-term viewership excitement and ratings boost for Sean Hannity, Palin's insanity and lack of intellect has to eventually wear thin.

When Bernie Goldberg takes exception to Palin's drivel, even Fox News viewer must concede Fox News management's decision to re-employ has turned into a national embarrassment.

Media Matters....

Fox's Bernie Goldberg Slams Fox Contributor's Imprach Obama tirade

Did you notice O'Reilly craftily inserted "the economy is improving?" FACTS IS FACTS!

If the segment was crafted to refute Palin's revenue garnering remarks, I must ask: "Why would O'Reilly and Goldberg "step-on" on Hannity's cash cow.

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