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Friday, July 25, 2014

GOP Outreach, Freedom Works NAACP Booth, Rand Paul's idiocy

Freedom Works embarks on GOP Minority Outreach. Is this part of the Priebus's pledge of $10 million to reach into black communities to pluck ("whole family") votes? 

(Image via Fireshot Capture Web Page Screenshot...text added by The Pardu) Video segment below. Yes, the antagonist is a bit animated, but here points are dead-on.

Of course, we heard the GOP/RNC and other conservative entities would attempt minority outreach

After moving past thoughts of why didn't conservative American accomplish outreach well before the GOP evolved to a pristine party of 92% whites, the next step is, "OK, how will the Right go about such." The RNC has done absolutely nothing actionable after Rience Priebus performed his camera act at an RNC event in 2013. The greater GOP has no documented efforts of note. Only one very visible GOP politician has undertaken a personal campaign to snooker black voters: Rand Paul (R-KY). A politician who has publicly declared to a group of medical students his affinity for "misinformation." In late 2014 Paul spoke to a group of University of Louisville medical students. The National Journal published a piece about Paul's flip ,but revealing response to an innocuous softball question. If you skipped the National Journal piece, you simply must do a quick read of a piece from the Daily Kos's Hunter.  

Rand Paul first attempt at minority outreach ran-up against a brick wall as he visited with a Howard University audience (the nation's first black college). Speaking before the audience was positively noteworthy after Paul ("the younger") followed his father down an anti-Civil Rights path (via the well circulated Rachel Maddow interview Part 1Part 2). The manner in which Paul approached the audience was typical white privilege and strikingly way off-base. 

Paul’s revisionist history didn’t just extend to his own well-documented views. American history itself got a dose of what Slate‘s resident Libertarian Dave Weigel called “Randsplaining.” He is certainly not the first Republican to pretend not to know that after the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act were signed into law by Lyndon Johnson in the mid-1960s, and in the wake of Richard Nixon’s “southern strategy,” the GOP absorbed the southern Democrats — known as “Dixiecrats” — who were staunch opponents of integration and civil rights for African-Americans. He likely won’t be the last. But that doesn’t make him right.
Rand Paul failed miserably in his effort to step outside his longstanding and homegrown paradigm. He actually came across as a condescending white "supposed" intellectual with a questionable education background. How could he have no grasp on the reality of lecturing professors, young intellectuals and various others in the audience from a perspective of pure political carnival barking? Imagine the gall of lecturing his audience on "misunderstanding" the GOP and oratory on the serious flawed argument the GOP freed the slaves and the GOP was the party of choice for those who founded the NAACP. The flawed politicians actually asked the audience if those knew those points of information.

Koch brothers front operatives would not make the same mistake; or, so they thought.  

Freedom works operatives attended the recent NAACP Annual Conference. While we live in a society of freedom to act and speak via the US Constitution, there are times when it is maybe best to think about how one's actions actually come across. When factored along with Koch brothers efforts to kill public schools, re-segregate school systems, re-write US history for grades Eight and lower, assist with funding voter suppression and literally via stooge politicians kill public service unions, it takes a special "kind" to stand at a booth and perform minority outreach.

Take a look and listen. As you watch the segment, do you think my suspicious is correct, the two black people on the front-line have a white booth 'general.'                               

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