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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

John McCain Join Howard Kurtz On Fox and Earns A Jon Stewart Segment

This past Sunday John McCain found his Sunday morning news show perch on Fox News.  Each week McCain must focus on which Sunday news show he would join as surely a you and I contemplate our next great meal.  His worship of and longing for a Sunday News show seat has to compare to the deep libido surges of a very young alpha male who hasn't been close to (that  GOP loathsome act) of copulation in quite some time. His Sunday appearances must surely "make his day week."

While sitting with Howard Kurtz may not provide the same libido surge as an interview with Meet The Press's resident conservative, David Gregory, or the back and forth Bob Schieffer, nor the "safe" progressive interview with George Stephanopoulos, it is nonetheless a Sunday seat.  Gotta take what you can get!  

Since Kurtz is in no way even an alleged journalist, I wonder if McCain knew in advance his visit with include questions about Comedy Central's (The Daily Show) Jon Stewart.  If McCain was prepped for the interview with full disclosure of a "turn at Jon Stewart", McCain must not have consulted with his advisers. Heck, it appeared he didn't even consult with his wife Cindy on playing it safe via avoiding Kurtz's muckraking. Muckraking that could only lead to a Daily Show segment with Stewart at the helm. As Stewart so adroitly pointed-out in the following segment, one would think the last word McCain should use in public is "wrong." If you need an example here is a hint: "ALASKA."

And did Stewart come through!  The Daily Show host didn't even bring-up Sarah Palin as he responded to the Kurtz/McCain interview.  There wasn't an need to reach to McCain most noted mistake since hanging out with the Keating Five during the savings and Loan Scandal. Fortunately for McCain, Stewart held his response to slightly over two minutes.  However, we suspect Stewart is saving the "Good stuff" should McCain make the mistake of joining Stewart on The Daily Show. Or, the good stuff will be sprinkled among other opportunities Stewart will surely exercise with focused in the Keystone Cop existence of today's GOP.

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