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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Koch Fighter Gary Peters: "Come At Me, Bros"

Gary Peters, D-MI 
Public fights against oligarchs who command the influence of billions and who pull marionette strings of conservative politicians is a rarity. Even liberal and progressive politicians often busy themselves ignoring the manifestations of the Koch brothers. Manifestations of and from Koch operatives, Koch political advertisements and Koch stooges who run GOP campaigns.

The thought is very unwholesome, but conservative America is the tool and playground of the Koch brothers. And, you can rest assured they are working like honey bees to expand their grip beyond the GOP and conservative America. 

Michigan Senatorial candidate Gary Peters, deserves our respect and of devoted support. Peters is standing tall against the Wichita oligarchs while actively supporting Obama initiatives (while many Democrats are scurrying like mice away for the president).

Huffington Post

Senate Candidate Gary Peters To Kochs: Come At Me, Bros

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DETROIT -- Conservative operatives backed by the Koch brothers aren't very big fans of Rep. Gary Peters. But that's OK, because he's not a big fan of them either. 

Peters, a three-term Michigan Democrat now making a bid for the Senate, has drawn fire from Koch-backed groups like Americans for Prosperity (AFP) over health care reform and carbon regulations. AFP has already spent more than $5 million this election season on television ads targeting Peters. 

The latest poll shows Peters up 9 points against Terri Lynn Land, Michigan's former secretary of state and Peters' likely opponent in the general election. (The Michigan primary won't be held until August 5.) But Peters is expected to face a tough Senate race in November, and the ad wars are already well underway. 

"I feel like l'm not really running against Terri Lynn Land. I feel like I'm running against the Koch brothers," Peters said at a campaign rally in Detroit on Friday. "That's who I'm really running against here." 

But rather than dodging the attacks, Peters is meeting them head-on.

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