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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Palin Western Summit Speech Shows Signs Of A Dminishing Commodity

Would you like to see and hear what I call, " A spiral into public decay?"  

Would you like a glimpse of what some in the nation will  pay six figures to secure a public appearance and a "surprised" speech?

How bout the prospect of watching a "carnival barker" who is moved past her/his prime into a state of caricature.

Can you imagine sitting through a disjointed, staccato, twisted, illogical and completely zany speech, that us ti be your big entertainment for the evening? 

If you answered yes to either question, we offer the perfect example.  

2012 image....We assume not Photoshopped! Not an image form the Western Summit.
The speech is well over 30 minutes long.  I found it totally unbearable and an insult to my grey matter.  Yet, you might find it time well spent.  

If you are ready for a full dose of a speaker who leverages her 2014 calling card "the anti alleged race card" theme, here it comes. If you decide to attempt to take on the challenge of viewing the full speech, we offer our condolences.  You will be forced to deploy mental connections beyond the capability of most Americans.

We offer the inimitable Sarah Palin at this week's Western Conservative Summit. 

Since, the vast majority of you will not opt for full exposure, Americans Against The Tea party (AATP) has posted a transcript of Palin's more zany moments.

I don't believe I need expend additional keyboarding to this post.

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