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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rand Paul: Chameleon With Trojan Horse In Tow

African American voters watch out for the Trojan Horse. 
Rand Paul is after your Achilles Heel.

The partnership between Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Rand Paul (R-KY) is bothersome. Of course, there is heartfelt and touching good associated with renewing voting rights and freeing certain felons of the anvil against fair employment to some who may have been convicted of felonies that were non-violent crimes is an issue. And, yes, young black males receive disproportionately unbalanced sentences for crimes their white counterparts (for various reasons) may never see a day in court. We even have recent revelations of convictions and prison sentences of judges who took money to railroad youth to private prisons. So, the Paul/Booker 'Buddyship' is for germane and relevant to fairness in the US

The Daily Review February 2011
Mark A. Ciavarella Jr/ Michael T. Conahan
A jury in U.S. District Court found Ciavarella guilty of racketeering and conspiracy for accepting $997,600 from wealthy developer Robert K. Mericle. Mericle testified he won a contract to build a for-profit juvenile detention center after a referral from Ciavarella.
The judges, and I am sure there are more, sentenced youth to prison across the racial spectrum. They are identified here as examples to delineate the good in the Booker/Paul initiative (bill). That said, I find it intriguing Paul chooses voting rights and employment rights for certain felons over other issues that would serve for a better life for Americans in aggregate (e.g., the ACA, Unemployment payments, minimum wage hike). Intriguing, but not surprising as we watch Paul's efforts to "woo" the black vote. He knows as do you and me black youth reap the worse of the US Justice system. He also knows he cannot win the US Presidency absent some degree of "smiles" from the black community.

Rand Paul has a recent history of revelations regarding 'serial plagiarism' and videoed public comment to an audience of medical students about his recognition of the need for misinformation. "Misinformation" is a euphemism for "lies." Some might say Paul's comments in this clip were meant to be flip. Au contraire! His comments appear serious. Moreover, his comments to the young medical students were deeply revealing regarding Paul's inner core and honesty deficiency.

Paul and Booker have embarked on a visuals tour to sell their initiative. Paul is obviously using the camera opportunity to enhance his standing with black voters (and yes non-violent felons comprehensively). Booker's motive? Well, no comment in this screed. Their trod-ding around led to an afternoon exclusive interview with a co-host of the MSNBC's , The Cycle.   I have embed the interview below. It is a 12 plus minute exhibition, but (allow me to influence) worth every second. While Ari Melber listened as Paul and Booker spoke about the necessity of their bill (unarguable good), you had to know Melber would perform a professional level of journalism and question Paul about past comments regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1965.  He went on record with Rachel Maddow with issues regarding the legislation. Today he repeats his denial to another MSNBC reporter (earlier in the week). He denied he ever said he was against the Civil Rights Act.

The misinformation specialist and subterfuge guru is applying basic legalese and deploying a twisted form of sophism. He will say grab the tape, "I never said I was against the Act." Melber gave Paul at least two opportunities to say he had evolved from his comments with Maddow. Paul went Machiavellian and took the offensive with his own from of Gish Gallop via repeatedly stating he was not against the Civil Rights Act (along with showing of "The Hand" for effect). He went offensive (more than twice) while reminding Melber "his network" (MSNBC hosts) was lying about his comments six hosts mind you.   The advantage in going Gish Gallop is supported by the fact the perpetrator knows the host has limited air-time in which to conduct the interview. When Mitt Romney used the debate technique on President Obama in the first Presidential Debate. We regularly see it used in time framed on-air appearances when the speaker does not want a fully comprehensive or probing interview.

As you view the interview, watch the dynamics. Not only does Paul deploy "The Hand" he looked to Booker for humor and validation when first questioned about "stirring-up controversy." Booker was coy enough to give "his buddy" a perfunctory one third smile. He certainly was foolish enough to offer his buddy a full set of 32 gleaming white teeth.  The sincere person who maybe felt Paul was guilty of flip flopping for effect would have given no nonverbal response.

Maddow, of course would respond and I am most pleased she did who within hours.  I must also state, I am growing increasing weary and leery of Chris Matthews seeming to warm-up to Paul when he knows Paul has major credibility flaws.

TRMS July 30, 2014       

And Rand Paul wound be president?

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