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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sean Hannity and Rick Perry Show The Worse Of Right-wing Dogma

The Enemy Of Mine Enemy Is My Friend

Let's again visit with the "Water-boarding is not torture. For a charitable cause, I will take a weatherboarding and donate the proceeds." Sean Hannity. 

Our previous screed also addressed Hannity's magnet-like oratory attraction to any conflict that allows feeding his viewers with talk of revolt and militia.

As we consider Hannity's partner in propaganda for the week of July 10, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion Rick Perry is "not the sharpest knife int he drawer. If the reference to "knife" is too close to the perception of violence how about: "Rick Perry is not the brightest lamp in the shop."  The man seriously comes across as person of less intellect who also frequently exhibits over-the-top machismo. A dangerous combination. 

Also during the course of the week, Rachel Maddow broadcast a segment about Perry's frequent missteps and misstatements. Maddow, the consummate professional;, avoids our characterization of Perry as a "dull suit." But if you watch and listen to the full 19:23 minutes, you will walk away thinking as do we; the man is missing something.

Rick Perry is one matter; Hannity is yet another point. A point can be made that our concern with Hannity is wasted thought. The man invites Sarah Plain on his show far more then any credible journalist or news personality. He is a ratings seeker who will spare no insanity while feeding his viewer base. 

(The following video has relevant value to this screed. Please excuse the unavoidable advertisements. MSNBC has every right to advertise in light of free use of its video segments.)

OK, point made.  Now, think in terms of the man who is espousing presidential deployment of National Guard troop as long the southern border.  Deployment related to Central American refugee migration, despite the fact the refugees to date have readily sought-out border agents along with the first step onto US soil. 
Two final questions. How long we have heard GOP exhortation to send troops to our southern borer? How long do you think those who want garrisons on the border will insist on their deployment?

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