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Friday, July 25, 2014

Steve King (R-IA) And A Camera OP Rally. More Cameras Than People

Now where have we witnessed this before?

July 2012, Mitt Romney traveled across Europe leaving a trial of embarrassment including uncharacteristic fumbling of presidential candidate lines accompanied by "racist" campaign advisers who wasted no opportunity showing the campaigns ugliest side. 

Advisors to Mitt Romney‘s presidential campaign told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph that Romney would be a better president regarding relations between Britain and the United States because he understands the “special relationship” between the two countries, claiming President Obama does not “fully appreciate” the two country’s shared history and the United States’ “Anglo-Saxon heritage.”
Despite the popularity and overuse of conservative charges of playing the race card,  Americans should accept the reality of ugly bigotry and racism from many GOP Politicians. Unfortunately, those politicians are the visible tip of an iceberg. You have to know below the surface there exist a much more humongous core sentiment and belief system across the full scope of the GOP.  

While we know the 'hidden' belief system is alive and well, Certain members of the US Congress are consume with bigotry they exercise opportunity to preach the gospel of their idiocy.  

Firebrand Progressives captured the essence and substance of this weeks Steve King's (R-IA) Tea Party rally against President Obama and the current Central American refugee migration. 

FAIL! TENS Of People Attend Hateful Tea Partier Steve King’s Anti-Immigration Rally 

Consider visiting Firebrand Progressive for the full story. We have posted a few images of the event and an MSNBC less than one minute segment of King spewing his splendid (and racist) oratory.  

King speaks to his fellow brown people hating supporters, sure to number in the hundreds, if not thousands
King speaks to his fellow brown people hating supporters, sure to number in the hundreds, if not thousands
But the turnout was in the tens!

And as usual, everyone there shares the same characteristic as 99% of all the people who attend these rallies

This picture pretty much captures everyone there. It looks like about 50 people, tops!

An MSNBC minute....

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