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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Congressman Lectures US Officials Of Indian Ancestry!

Crack smoking congressman from Florida replaced with a raving stumbling bigot.
Crack Head
Rep. Curt Clawson, Florida (R-FL)  showboated into a mistake so uncommon and egregious he should  have immediate called each US official with a strong apology and he should apologize to the American people. It is important to note he addressed Senior US officials.By nature of their titles, one should assume these are not people who immigrated to the US last week.

Also notice the seemingly cocky over confident look of the aid sitting behind the freshman congressman.

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It could happen to anyone, right?

No, it probably is an egregious mistake that will 99% of the time only occur with people with a myopic view of the Untied States.

It only happens among people who view the US as this:

Clink the third image to the Right for perspective.


It happens in the minds of people who view the nation with no visible denizens beyond the occasional minority very visibly posted up for effect. Hence, the Horsey cartoon just above.  It happens with people who no matter the reality, do not see the US as a diverse nation. It happens among a political party and movement that has a populace of 92% white people with a history of nurturing that reality. And, it happens among people who do not hesitate for a second to use race, ethnicity and culture, as a political tool for camera ready showboating. 

A historic example for the ages... Rick Santorum's "BLAH People"

Exhibit I
Exhibit II. ( 28 seconds for effect)
Exhibit III. (O'Reilly attempts to salvage the bigoted remark, and Santorum refutes his own defense.)

It is important to recall what took place immediately after Santorums comment ("black people").  Watch and listen for a second or two. 

For those who didn't click the link above take a view at the 20 second mark of the embed, you cannot miss it!


For the camera opportunity and to provide a libido charge for the Iowa crowd, Santorum identified a species of being only familiar to those in attendance? Since, he claims he did not say "black people" are we to believe their is a life form in the region called the "BLAH People?" The crowd instantly recognized Santorum's reference. Let's face facts, if the region had denizens called "BLAH People" only identifiable and recognizable by the crowd as "blah people," don't you think the crew of "Finding Bigfoot" (tm) would have swarmed over the region?

No, the congressman from Florida and Santorum exercised a degree of privilege only available to whites who see their world void of racial, ethnic or cultural diversity. 

Two final points.  Imagine life for people who share the congressman's mindset and having a non-white US president? 

Final point.......Wonder how Bobby Jindal felt about the congressman's comments?

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