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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: NewsmaxTrotsout Mr. Credible, Dick Morris, To Predict Doom For Dems in 2014 Mid-term Elections

Newsmax TV has rolled-out the inimitable Dick  Morris  for  Morris's first mid-term 2014 unqualified predictions. 

First, Morris in 2012 and Fox New Bill O'Reilly, The Factor, prediction of a win for Mitt Romney.

After the horrific wrong prediction, Fox News management fired Morris did not renew Morris contract after the 2012 election. If my memory serves me correctly, Fox News management also did not renew the contract of Sarah Palin and gave orders to avoid use of Karl Rove.   

Morris received an offer of employment at CNN and was eventually rehired at Fox in November 2013. Interesting tendencies at Fox, Sarah Palin was also rehired in 2013 and Karl Rove continues to appear on Fox news programming.  It seems the cast of Obama haters who draw viewers is very limited.

The severely non-credible mouthpiece has appeared on Newsmax TV.

Dick Morris Predicts Doom And Gloom For Democrats In The Mid-Term Over Immigration

Morris's reputation as a highly compensated talking-head is well documented via multiple sources. Let's take a look at a Media Matters piece from the day after the 2012 General election: Media Matters November 7, 2012  An election won by Mitt Romney's opponent,   President Obama, by THE (Morris) landslide.

An underlying theme is worth noting.  Media executives know Dick Morris's record of talk with no basis for his words. His misstatements and flawed and unsubstantiated asinine predictions as any media. Yet, conservative networks continues to book Morris. If the booking networks worked towards a real news business model such guest would not make the invite list and would never have a contractual relationship with the network.  

Conversely, if a network has a business model of feeding viewers propaganda and lies, Morris is factually a bright spot for ratings. Sadly, these networks with the latter business model and ratings focus seriously abuse the minds and psyches of its viewers. Even more sad, I suspect the networks viewers value anti-Obama, anti-progressive and ant-Democratic Party derangement entertainment vs an interest in US news.

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