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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Kelly FIle, Megyn Kelly and LT COL Ralph Peters! "Obama Sacred of Putin?"

A man in search of machismo and a man who obviously suffers from a form of identity crisis with a flair for self promotion. One wound think such displays would be preceded by serious work in the gym.   And, conservatives in America seem to love and ooze over the regressive dictator. 
On an episode of The Kelly File (we have grown to avoid use of news segment regarding Megyn Kelly's show). It is pure entertainment comparable to any US reality show and equal to WWE matches after watching hours of insane "judge" TV shows. 

Kelly's guest was introduced as a Fox New strategic analyst.  Before this weeks Kelly File dose of "LT COL" Ralph Peters, consider another episode with Peters from this past June: "Obama thinks desertion is like skipping class!"  I appreciate television producers must broadcast to the level of audience intellect, but I suspect even Kelly File viewers could grasp the very low hanging fruit and silliness of Peter's analogy.

"Obama is scared of Putin!" 

Would Peters find associative comfort in his disparaging President Obama in the two minute clip that follows?

I posit the roles are reversed. Putin knows Obama has a strong personality complemented with an empathetic heart. Only a fool would mistake such traits as evidence of "scared." Putin is a former KGB Cold War operative who may never have had a heart with tendency towards life as a bully. Yet, he knows he is not a superpower leader and his ego is tearing him apart from the inside out. 

Conservative ooze over Putin is as "ass-backwards" as following their leaders down a false path of fiscal conservatism. The full scope of GOP governance and political acts are embodied as a false facade that hides and inner core of servitude to a constituent base that cannot yet constitutionally vote.

Despite Mitt Romney false proclamation of "corporations are people" and SCOTUS support for his false prophecy (evident via their conservative and sanctioning decisions), his ideology remind of LOT COL Ralph Peter's affinity for Putin. 

As all current evidence (both public and I suspect secret) shows Putin's Russia and INTEL operative led rebels in Ukraine are responsible for the downing of MH17. Yet, we continue to find episodes of Fox with Putin as the "white hat/white horse" (no pun intended) super hero. 

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