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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: "Safe Talk!"

What is it about Republican politics and elected official that leads to individual censorship?  Who pulls the "Be quiet strings?" Why can't elected officials live-up to their responsibility to serve their constituent with unfettered communication?  OK so, let' except that orders to "shut-up" is a political reality. Who comes-up with when and how to ignore direct questions from the media via asinine on-camera blanket repeating of "Safe Talk?"  

"Safe Talk" is ugly, demeaning, embarrassing and seems anti-democratic. In fact, when the elected officials stands on-camera and performs "Safe Talk," I think in terms of authoritarian lock-step affronts to the American public.

The follow video is a two minute exhibit that is slightly more palatable, but still as evasive as it gets. You will notice Boehner's efforts to deflect to ObamaCare while laying immigration issues solely to Obama. Boehner is third in line to ascendancy to the presidency in case of Executive Office tragedy. We should expect an answer for the Speaker that differs form those of the "Safe Talker."  Yet, I still get the sense, information is being withheld or certain question induce aversion that the party and media party leaders would find unacceptable. 


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