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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Father of Modern Conservatism And His Social Mantle

The 'Father of Modern US Conservatism." Yes, Indeed and look closely at his record and post administration impact on the nation. (Image White House Dot Gov)
I often write about the nation's current state of racial animus. on that topic, my writing consistently evolves around a deep belief that GOP politics born of Ronald Reagan and Lee Atwater (preceded by Richard Nixon and Kevin Phillips) is the central root of our racial division.

Both former presidents effectively won elections via deployment of the now metastasized GOP Southern Strategy. Moreover their political strategy has carved out large swaths of the nation with denizens who vote with race as a first consideration. Of course, they may not actually enter a voting booth with the thought "I am voting against the black or Latino candidate" at the forefront of their minds, but rest assured they know that vote for the GOP ensures a vote against the interest of people outside the realm of their 92% white party. Actually, they vote according to their well developed paradigms for politicians who do not serve their interest once in office.

GOP geographic strongholds offer telling statistics. Statistics that should serve as cause for questioning historic voting tendencies. If the voter is paradigm driven to cast a social vote, they are not predisposed to question the data you are about to see in graphic depiction.

2012 GOP Voting Map
The Medical Coverage Uninsured

Income below the Poverty Level

And it grows......

Lowest in attainment of basic educational preparation

Gun deaths by State

It looks like my digression ended in a data over-run! Yet, the graphics and inherent data tells a story of a dedicated voting block that gets little in return for their votes.

Let's move back to our often stated comments about national racial divisiveness. A by-product of   political strategy and policy as outcrops of life after eight years with the Father of Modern Conservatism at the helm. 

Bill Moyers and company ran a piece this past February related to a book written by legal scholar Ian Haney Lopez: " Dog Whistle Politics."  The Moyer's piece is a very short screed with video about Ronald Reagan's racially toned political speeches.

Clip: Ronald Reagan’s Racially Tinged Stump Speeches

By playing on stereotypes, Reagan was able to get middle-class white voters to support economic policies that helped corporations and the wealthy. Haney López tells Bill, “Over the 1980s, the Reagan tax cuts transferred a trillion dollars to America’s top one percent. Yes, voters got the tax cuts they thought were aimed at cutting off undeserving minorities, but, in fact, it was a politics that was showering money on the very richest Americans.” 

“We used to understand that the biggest threat in political life was the power of concentrated money… but now, Republicans for fifty years have been telling voters the biggest threat in your life is minorities are going to hijack government.”
End Bill Moyers

 "The Father of Modern Conservatism" and that has without question become ingrained in his party and many American conservatives.

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