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Sunday, July 27, 2014

US Media And A Pro-Israeli Bias? Afraid So!

We undertake this piece for probing media coverage. We are not siding with either side of the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict. However, I must add I am a major underdog kind-of-a-guy and the number of deaths and innocent victims of military ordinance is scoring very much beyond what appears as necessary. Especially, when I see images and video of Israelis on sofas and lawn chairs on hillsides cheering the bombing of an encircled Gaza. Cheering as if watching and experiencing a fireworks show.

Rula Jabreal

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Last Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily included a segment with journalist Rula Jabreal. Jabreal's frank commentary in response to a question (or set of questions) from show host Ronan Farrow created quite the fervor. If you are familiar with the consecutive day interviews with Jabreal, skip the video segments and focus on my interspersed comments and latter parts of the piece regarding Sean Hannity's treatment of a Palestinian guest and the Sunday July 27th, Meet The Press segment featuring David Gregory's attempts to feed US pro-Israeli sentiment.

A day later and after Jabreal accused the network of cancelling all future appearances, Chris Hayes (for some reason) had Jabreal back on the MSNBC airways. Hayes introduced his 7:24 minute segment with the frank speaking contribution with what I consider unnecessary comments about his network "....not taking kind to it...." He went on to somewhat patronize Jabreal via "I like Rula Jabreal" and then stated his disagreement and his implied desire to correct her. If you watch the segment Jabreal talked almost the full extent of the allotted airtime. Basically, she showed why MSNBC's "young lions" should develop a bit more before delving into interviews to which they are like lion cubs when it comes to guest temperament.  Actually, it appeared Hayes was given the mission of revisiting with Jabreal to close the matter while allowing her a bit more airtime. How does that old axiom go..."A woman scorned.....?"

Hayes made a point to directly address Jabreal's remarks about Andrea Mitchell as (alleged) "pro-Israeli" . His revisited the issue segment fell strikingly shallow as he remarked about Mitchell's "...body of work" (possibly implying that through the course of her career she has proven to be a credible journalist.)  A point that I will not dispute, but I retain the right to state she is clearly a conservative MSNBC show host. If for no other reason her political paradigm may seriously imbue a pro-Israeli perspective.   

I should clearly state, that I totally agreed with Jabreal's initial comments and I feel she handled her Chris Hayes "chastise session" equally well.

Jabreal's point was the reality of a pro-Israeli bias in US media (with a focus on MSNBC/NBC).  If anyone in the United States denies we have (or HAD) a pro-Israeli bias, that person is an outright liar or they live in a fantasy world.  If the nation is predominately pro-Israeli it is factually impossible to deny Jabreal's charge. While I was not afforded the time to seek data regarding pro-Israeli interviews or broadcast Vs Palestinian air-time.  I believe Jabreal and I am appreciative of her courage and zeal regarding the matter.  

If you watch any US News, or for that matter any international news broadcast, think of the number of times you have seen these men on television. 

Ron Dermer , Israel Ambassador to the US

Mark Regev, spokesperson to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


While networks conduct interviews of Palestinian officials, I personally cannot recall one face that regularly appears. Yet, I have found one Palestinian who was sat with Sean Hannity and received a Hannity performance that clearly must have excited his viewers. 

Watch as Hannity literally scolded Yousef Munayyer, a Palestinian guest. Notice the standard American conservative open-mouth-yelling at his guest. The segment is only 2:12 minutes.

Published on Jul 24, 2014
7-24-14 - ( Fox News ) - Sean Hannity got into a shouting match tonight with a Palestinian guest as Hannity repeatedly asked Yousef Munayyer whether he believes Hamas is a terrorist organization and Munayyer did not directly answer the question. In fact, Munayyer first scolded Hannity, saying that it’s “very telling” he brings on Palestinian voices only to shout them down. 
Hannity cried at Munayyer to answer the question about Hamas. Munayyer said the U.S. considers it a terrorist organization, but didn’t give his personal opinion. Hannity kept yelling at him to give a straight answer, shouting, “Can you hear?!” and “What part of this can’t you get through your thick head?!” 
As the segment came to a close and Munayyar asked to speak, Hannity said, “You had your chance. You didn’t say Hamas is a terrorist organization. Good-bye.”


We stepped outside of the MSNBC/Jebreal interviews to make a point. Yes, US Media is pro-Israel and broadcast with slanted pro-Israeli reporting.

Wouldn't you know David Gregory, the fledgling Meet The Press show host, followed script via offering his Sunday morning preponderant conservative show viewers yet another dose of pro-Israeli feeding. out-.....
Maybe Jabreal should not have been forthright in naming Mitchell as a biased host.  We must realize that Mitchell's show preceded Ronan's show last Monday. It is feasible Jabreal was sitting in a green room waiting to join Farrow and absorbed a full dose of Mitchell bias. I believe I recall that morning and Mitchell's broadcast may have come across as absent compassion for Palestinians dying in Gaza.

Yes, US media is consumed with coverage of the US Israeli/Palestinian conflict (war) that seems to have an Israeli bias. 


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