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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.: Mike Brown, Cigarillos, And Murderours Overkill

A re-post from "Friend of the TPI"....Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.
To the victors, go the spoils!

Benjamin T Moore Jr 

There is more to the story than we're being told. Again, engage the brain and fire up those neurons!
1.) *IF* indeed Mike Brown shoplifted/stole/robbed the store of Cigarillos... then his friend - Dorian Johnson - was an accessory to the crime. Why hasn't he been charged??? If they wanted to make this ALL about this *supposed* robbery, what better way to throw additional Monkey Dust into the air, than to charge his friend as an accessory???
2.) Had the Cigarillos been stolen as they are now trying to allege in their smear campaign, why didn't the both of them take off running when the Cop first took notice of them? Brown hands the Cigarillos to his friend and walks right up to the Cop car/SUV. Now his friend is *holding* the stolen goods. His friend, does *NOT* take off running.
3.) Dorian Johnson was interviewed at length - over 3 hours - by the FBI. The issue of the Cigarillos was fully explored.
4.) The Ferguson police department HAD *ALL* THIS INFORMATION ON *DAY ONE.* Why didn't they *IMMEDIATELY* tie this to the shooting?
The same day they release the name of the Officer who murdered Mike Brown, they also release this information along with *STILLS* from the grainy surveillance video. Note the stills they selected, made it appear that Mike Brown was literally *CHOKING* the clerk at the store. When you actually see the complete video, what he does is push the clerk away from him. He does NOT strike him. They have some words and he leaves.
You don't go into a convenience store to commit a robbery - as implied - and simply leave with a box of Cigarillos. You empty the cash register. Clearly, what happened was a dispute over those Cigarillos. Could have been an issue of the Clerk changing the price at the register after they were paid for. Could have been his failure to check their ID's and trying to do so *after* the fact.
Look at the size difference between the Clerk and Mike Brown. What Clerk/employee is going to leave what little safety is provided by being behind the counter, come out and attempt to confront someone almost twice his size over some Cigarillos??? He certainly wouldn't have done so if he'd actually felt threatened.
I'm at least the size of Mike Brown, I'm armed and I wouldn't have done so over some Cigarillos. I would *know* he was caught on tape and I would simply have filed a police report.
Now, PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO THIS NEXT PART! Since we *KNOW* the store has surveillance, the area GUARANTEED to be covered is the cash register. IS THERE TAPE OF MIKE BROWN *PAYING* FOR THOSE CIGARILLOS???
We've all seen tape of shoplifters grabbing items and running out the door. This is NOT what happened. Dorian Johnson who was with him, didn't run out of the store. When you look at the tape, he seemed surprised by the altercation. Mike and Dorian both simply walk out of the store.
I submit that people who commit crime have a certain demeanor. You don't walk down the middle of the street - blocking traffic - as alleged by Officer Darren Wilson, with stolen goods in plain sight. When approached by the officer, you don't hand the stolen goods to your accomplice and the both of you stand there while the one approaches the Cop for a discussion that would presumably end in the arrest of now both of you.
Use common sense! The reason they did not run is because WHATEVER happened in the convenience store... they believed themselves to be in the right! Your next clue to this is that the Ferguson police chief *admitted* that what happened at the convenience store had NOTHING to do with the shooting. Of course he then changed his story, what? Three times now?
*IF* I am in fear for my life, I can justifiably use deadly force. The problem? We have at least two, possibly three eyewitnesses who all have consistently stated that Mike Brown was attempting to PULL AWAY from the Cop who had grabbed him through the window of his own SUV. What was his plan??? Was he going to try and drag this kid into his car through his window? Think about it!
Police are trained to use certain phrases and explanations which are *trigger words* to justify shootings. "I was in fear for my life and the safety of others." "He was reaching for my gun." The reason these phrases/explanations are so popular is that they are DIFFICULT TO DISPUTE in open court. The first goes to the officers mindset. How can anyone dispute someone's claim of being afraid? Hell, I'm in fear for my life and the safety of others every damn time I'm around a group of white people... my fear goes up exponentially if they're wearing uniforms or have guns! Can I shoot them??? "Reaching for my gun." How can you prove a negative - to wit: you were NOT reaching for the officer's gun? Especially if you're dead???
This is why these explanations to justify an officer's actions are routinely given. They're almost impossible to disprove. Years ago I asked two cops this same question. One was white, the other was Black. My question was, "why do officers shoot to kill?" If I'm less than 10 feet away from a person, I can hit them anyplace I choose. The white officer launched into the stock explanation that went as follows:
"We're trained to shoot for "center mass" because we are less likely to miss. Unfortunately, most of the vital organs are clustered in that area and people rarely survive."
Sounds reasonable and would certainly work well in court wouldn't it? I then posed the same question to the Black officer. After looking around, he took me aside and said the following:
"We're trained to shoot to kill because 1.) Dead people can't give a contradictory version of the events. 2.) It is cheaper to bury a person than pay their bills should they be disabled for life."
Which officer do you believe was giving me the most truthful answer... I'll wait...

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