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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Geraldo Rivera Earns Millions While Serving The Fox News Business Model

Fox News, Fallacy, Entertainment and the Ridiculous!

Rivera forays into Occupy Wall Street protest and finds out he is not longer considered "Cool."
Watch Geraldo Rivera among the Fox News "Legs and Thighs" couch as he provides a former progressive's view of how the Mike Brown case will shakeout. I am certain his remarks are fruit for the ears of many white people. It is unfortunate, but Rivera is correct. The price for the life of the young black male, is a very low price and is often pro bono (without price or "charge"...pun intended). If you think the lede characterization of "Legs and Thighs" is hyperbolic, I must digress.  Check this out.

Fox News business model: "get the viewers at all and any cost and feed-em conservative propaganda and misinformation."

Hence! Of course, do the feet while on camera with policy that prohibits pants on the set. Equals?
What is with the feet. Well, feet is not the point, is it?

And, here is how it is done. Why does this couch figure seem to be taking instruction for off camera?

Nicole Petallides
A Fox News secondary, mission and goal: sprinkle race in the segment to excite Fox Viewers who mirror the demographics of the GOP and Libertarian Parties.
So much for the Fox News business model digression: " The Fox News Legs and Thighs" delivery method. Now, that we have that point behind us, let's move to the salient point.

The former progressive, Rivera, embroiled in a reality based discussion with the Legs and Thighs. Rivera seems to have a personal mission against what he formerly called "thug dress." I will admit to a great deal of disdain and contempt for the choice to dress with sagging pants and I am also not excited about the wearing of caps flipped to the side. However, I recognize personal choice to sag one's pants is not only and indication of mentality, it is also one of those faddish adaptation from a music genre that many young people seem to love. Enough said on that topic.

Rivera and the impact of race on high profile murder cases.  We are also particular interest in depiction the fallacy of Rivera's past comments about "thug" wear and supposed "thuggish" demeanor.  We all seem to forget, as young people not one of us is free of acts and decision indicative of being a young person. Now, take a moment an run through this illustration gallery from UPworthy.

Sample images of two sides of reality.
View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
which photo would they use?
View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
what picture would they use
View image on Twitter
Which picture would you use ?

More from UPworthy....

Yes, we profiled for camera shots, but profiling has little to do with how we grow and mature. In fact, the tendencies of the young are often shed as life develops and the mind grows and matures. If you need another example, check this out.


Let's finish with more "race" Fox News style. I find it interest Fox News pays Rivera millions for a perspective that is accurate regarding racial divides, while entertaining viewers who relish and nurture the divide. How crafty and at the same time disgusting.

The "hired former progressive"...will travel.

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