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Friday, August 8, 2014

Rand Paul And His Pied Piper Trails Of Subterfuge And Misinformation

How about just stopping the lies, Rand "The Younger."

In October 2013, Savannah Guthrie, NBC News’ Meet The Press, asked Rand Paul about prospects of avoiding the pending GOP government shutdown. We should never forget the GOP and influential republicans and many conservatives had expressed interest in shutting down the US government, since early 2010. 

WIKI (Long and very detailed article with shutdown timeline) 

Although the November 2010 election left Republicans in control of the House, Democrats remained in control of the Senate and the White House, resulting in a division of power that would lead to a series of clashes over spending priorities and other policy matters. In early 2011, some Republicans threatened to force a shutdown unless the President and Democratic-controlled Senate agreed to much deeper spending cuts. Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois said the country might need a government shutdown as a form of "shock therapy" to raise awareness of the state of the federal government's finances.[29] Conservative activists held rallies in early 2011 urging Republican lawmakers to shut down the government if necessary to push Democrats to agree to Republican budgetary proposals.[30]When Democrats said a government shutdown would have catastrophic effects on the economy and would hurt American families, many conservatives said Democrats were overstating the severity of the effects a shutdown would produce.[30] A Gallup poll of public opinion showed that the majority of Republicans were in favor of shutting down the government rather than having congressional Republicans accept a compromise budget plan, while the majority of Americans overall (including majorities of Democrats and of independents) preferred that lawmakers reach a compromise deal.[30][31] In April 2011, Republicans in the House of Representatives threatened to shut down the government unless the Senate and the President agreed to further spending cuts as well as to cuts in federal funding for Planned Parenthood and other birth-control providers and to curtailing the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to enforce the Clean Air Act and carbon dioxide emissions.[30][32] House Republicans gave Speaker John Boehner an ovation when he informed them that he was advising the House Administration Committee to begin preparations for a possible shutdown.[33] A budget deal was agreed to less than two hours before a shutdown would have begun.[34]Several similar funding crises resulting from disagreements over budgetary policy ensued in the following three years, with shutdowns being narrowly averted by last-minute deals each time.[35][36][37][38][39] Congressional Republicans remained committed to eliminating or undermining the Affordable Care Act, taking more than 40 largely symbolic votes passing bills to repeal or defund the act which the Democratic-controlled Senate rejected or refused to consider.[40][41]
GOP members of Congress were determined to "shut er down!" It was a consistent GOP mantra and a consistent refrain since shortly after President Obama took office. They railed about a shutdown so, I often wondered if uber wealthy conservative power-brokers had issued order for recalcitrant acts. It seem the uber wealthy's elected minions were lockstep in resist once to Obama in any ways possible. Shutting down the government was evidence of extreme recalcitrance: icing on the cake.

As Rand Paul spoke with Guthrie he typically responded with short answers, inane talk, and he filled the minutes with comment implying Obama's refusals to interact led to favoring of the shutdown. The record shows Paul was reticent regrading the shutdown, but he voted to "shut er down."

If he was reticent he dared not gleefully speak about the GOP strategy like Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachmann. Towards the end of the interview Paul let loose a mother of all sophism. 
“That’s [Obama] unwilling to negotiate, that’s him being unwilling to compromise,”
Obama refused to negotiate for good reason. The GOP was bent-on the shutdown and moved the negotiation playing field away into realm. They wanted to negotiate such that Obama was in a lose-lose arena and that means the American public was in the same arena.  While in the realm of weak humor, if President Obama had coincided on all GOP points (No ObamaCare and not debt ceiling increase) The GOP would have asked for another concession: his resignation from the presidency

Paul's comments echo his modus operandi. He says one thing and does another and often comes back with waffle talk about his actions. As I read about his "cut and run" ( "Watch Paul Run") from DREAMers who accosted Rep. Steve King, I was reminded of Paul's lack on integrity by a Chris Moody tweet published in the The Iowa Republicans.
"It cost us more to shut the government down than it did to keep it open." - Rand Paul in Iowa City.
Senator Paul voted to shut down the federal government in an effort to defund Obamacare, but he once again stated that he thought the government shutdown was a “dumb idea.”  

Paul's waffles and wiggles are not news. He voted to shutdown the Federal Government and after the fact admitted the stupidity of the legal act. He used the words "a dumb idea." What sort of politician can aspire to the presidency and serve as a US Senator who will perform a political act knowing it was a "dumb idea?" 

Is it possible Paul,(after the GOP budget defeat) would have spoken less disparagingly about the shutdown had President Obama relented? Has the GOP succeeded in its Bonzai Shutdown, at $24 to $29 billion dollars) would Paul have mentioned "a dumb idea?"  Of course, not Paul would have trumpeted his vote as surely as he has been known to plagiarize written material. 

As the week has progressed Paul's pathological lying and tendency towards misinformation is sounding like a scratched LP Album (If you are old enough to remember that effect). Tampa Bay Times, Politifact has documented a couple of Paul reviews. One came-in as "TRUE."  The other, well typical Paul: "I haven’t really proposed (phasing out aid to Israel) in the past." "Pants on FIRE." 

Paul is a patholigical liar would shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the White House. If you think eight years of Bush/Cheney with accompanying lies and Obama's "you can keep your plan," are inexcusable, what about a Senator who is not yet in the White House and lies between every breathe he takes.

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