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Friday, August 22, 2014

Unfettred Cops, Militarized Cops, Abusive Cops, Killer Cops: Not Indicative Of All, But.....

Did this strike you as a bit odd? A reporter pushed aside and herded along with a protests crowd? I will wager this cop would not have pushed Sean Hannity aside. But, then Hannity would not be in close proximity with so many black people. 
Good happens!  

It is sad "Good" has to come at the expense of or at the bequest of people who are literally murdered. Regardless of how you feel about the execution of 18 year old Mike Brown, you must truly wonder about your love and complete faith in people charged with enforcing our laws.  

I am very pessimistic regarding police officers. Of course, we need police to help ward-off the wanton destruction of people inclined to crime. But we fail in our quest to staff police enforcement with people who are competent and free of biases destructive to society, peace, harmony and security.  We are actually seeing more and more evidence of police as 'storm troopers' who seem to reap evil upon specific segments of the population. And, it seems 75% of the population is immune from the evil of what we call "police out of control." 

As I watched a St. Louis County police officer literally shove a crowd and CNN reporter/show Host Don Lemon earlier in the week, my thoughts reached into crevices of contempt. He enacted "crowd control" when there was no need for such an authoritative act. The crowd was not unruly and CNN's Don Lemon was performing his responsibility as an on-site reporter. Militarized police forces are increasingly exercising obvious contempt for the media, but we haven't seen instances of police literally pushing and herding reporters as they heard people. The "herding" cop struck me as a bit heavy-handed and one who would not hesitate to use his authority in a manner unfair to some and dangerous so others. It seems my assessment of the cop was deeply shy of reality.  He is the epitome of what we once called "Pigs." 

The inner core of the "herding" cop has come to light. He is a birther, homophobic, anti-Obama alleged "Oather" (Oath Keeper), and something of a platform demagogue. "I dislike everybody, I believe in diversity, I will kill everybody!"  

Good happens! 

Someone gave CNN and police authorities a video tape of the now suspended police officer speaking at an "Oathers" event" public appearance. I will report Oath Keepers has informed CNN the officer is not a member of their organization. Granted, but the cop was a guest speaker (who apparently offended someone in the audience).  Also, I recall reading about "Oath Keepers" at the Bundy Ranch taxes evasion stand-off.

Let's first visit the cop "herding" of Lemon and the small protest crowd.

Published on Aug 18, 20148-18-14 - Just as Brianna Keilar threw to Don Lemon, who was reporting live from the street in Ferguson, Missouri early Monday evening he told her, “I think we’re about to be arrested.” Lemon did not end getting detained by officers there, but they did attempt to physically push him back away from CNN’s camera, shouting, “Move out of the way, sir. Move!” “We’ve been standing here all day,” Lemon continued to report as the officer moved him and other protesters back. “We’ve got rights!” a woman behind him screamed. “I’m not going to resist a police officer,” Lemon said and he moved backwards. “Now you see why people are so upset here, because we have been here all day,” he added. “We’re on national television. So imagine what they are doing to people when you don’t see on national television, the people who don’t have a voice like we do.” 
RELATED: Don Lemon to Mediaite: I Didn’t Feel Unsafe in Ferguson ‘Until Last Night’ At one point, Lemon tried to ask the officer why he was trying to move people out of the area but was unable to get a straight answer. Eventually he was simply told that there were “traffic concerns” and the police were trying to move everyone to a parking lot nearby. “I think from my perspective here, the police actually created the traffic situation and the situation that’s going on, the chaos here, rather than the people who are just standing here,” Lemon reported. 
The following video was sent to Don Lemon. Lemon shared the video with the St, Louis County Police Chief. The officer has been suspended pending further investigation. Here is the first segment broadcast on CNN within the hour.
Lemon and an update with St. Louis County Police Chief:
Good happens!
As states above, someone in the Oath Keepers audience must have found the "I will kill anybody" cop reprehensible. The real question is how do you feel about the "herding cop". Also, know he holds an enlisted man leadership position in the Army National Guard.
How about a look at what some of us see far more than others? For those who are now protesting in support of Darren Wilson (cop executioner), and for those who are contributing to his $200,000 plus defense fund, know that your race and mindset may not insulate you.
I now offer a literal gallery and microcosm view of police and visuals that comprehensively disparage our law enforcement officers. Yes, we should not generalize such all cops are lumped in with these people, but there is a "main vein" glimpse of a mindset that is used to "herd" some of us on a day-to-day basis.
The Gallery
"Do What I say And you won't get hurt!"

"I will kill you... Go Fuck Yourself"

California Highway Patrol Officer Beats Black Woman Senseless On Side Of Freeway

This one is hard to watch, but necessary to prove a point.  Bus Fare...seriously?

Just to be fair, some whites also catch heavy handed treatment for our militarized cops.

Cop Kicks Handcuffed Women In The Face!

Cops shoot to death homeless man for camping

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