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Sunday, August 3, 2014

"We Tortured Some Folks." And Hannity Hosted A Guest To Cry Fowl.

So, you know this man?  

If you answer yes, you have an opinion of the man. 


If you are a Republican likely you have a good deal of affinity for the man. If you are of other political inclination, you probably hold him in low regard.

In 2007,  just before the Great Bush/Cheney economic collapse, Gallup polling yielded approval rating results as follows:


As is often the case, the American public has an effective memory as long as the effects of Novocaine after a dental visit. Hence, Bush and Cheney's approval ratings have ticked-up. As the ratings tick-up, people are obviously ignoring the deep pain left from the Bush Years: policy, political malfeasance and violations of International law.

If we experience memory lapses regarding the utter seriousness of the Bush years, could it be we have grown callous of the pain? Moreover, has the pain become the norm?

President Obama in response to revelations of CIA abuses (International and national abusers) for the first time has commented about US sanctioned torture.

Anyone with a modicum of intellect who doesn't shroud themselves in "anti-truth" protective gear, knows the sanctioned violation of international law and human decency had deep roots in the White House.
If you know Dick Cheney, you know this person.   Yes, you know one of two Cheney daughters.
If you follow current events or watch national news (especially Fox News), you also know whenever criticism of the Bush Years manifest Liz Cheney appears as surely as the ever-present Blow Fly's quick attain to rotting organic material.

Needless to say, after Obama comments on Friday, the buzz of Liz Cheney could be heard on the Hannity Show.  

US abuse of prisoners and Water-Boarding torture were authorized while Dick Cheney occupied an office in the White House. More severe forms of torture, of course, is never photographed by US forces and operatives. We can only assume the extent to which people were treated under the horror of "enhanced interrogation." 


Former congressman for Florida and former military office, Allen West, was allowed to resign his military commission to avoid the Military Code of Justice prosecution for torture while serving in Iraq.

Yet, Liz Cheney buzzed-off to the willing programmers and producer of the Hannity Show to mimic Blow Fly feeding and procreation (leaving eggs). She referred to people who perpetrated violation of International Law acts against humanity as "patriots?"   

While, this is the perfect spot for ending this screed, I must comment a bit more.

As we observe continuing ugliness from America's conservatives and far Right politicians, I also continue to hear people and members of congress, as well as President Obama and Vice President Biden, say: "...this is not what America is about."    
No, the US officials who sanctioned, ordered and relished torture are not patriots. In fact, President Obama's first approval "hit" from liberal America was his policy of not pursuing investigation of violation of International Law. 

The perpetrators should have been, as a minimum, investigated and castigated for their acts. An exceptional nation would have taken some form of official and legal actions as a barometer for acceptable behavior and as a guidepost for US History.

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