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Friday, January 2, 2015

LOVE IS ON ....How About Alleged Racist Remarks From the CEO?

 LOVE IS ON Revlon
(Ad campaign as on December 2014)

 Love is on..but maybe not in the Board Room and Executive Suites.  Is it possible Revlon joins Sony with a closet bursting with racism, bigotry and a degree of anti-American sentiment at the highest level?

A former executive of Revlon, Inc. has filed a lawsuit in which he alleges the current CEO of the consumer products company, Lorenzo Delpani , has in the past made very disparaging remarks about "black people", less than positive remarks about Jewish people, disdain for the Muslim Faith and may harbor anti-American sentiments.

Revlon's former chief scientific officer Alan Meyers, alleges that the Italian-born Delpani after taking over the helm at Revlon and after returning form a trip to South Africa, went here:
(he could) ........smell" black people when they walk into a room, detests "small-minded, dirty" Americans and believes all Jewish people "stick together."
We will grant his believe that Jewish people stick together, and will comment the remarks are not exactly disparaging. In a way the comment is complimentary and factually denotes how a people look to preserve their culture and their very existence.  

On the other hand, if proven to be true, his remarks about smelling black people when he steps into a room, is outright racist and frankly, totally unnecessary. If the elitist CEO was relating an experience in Africa and experience a room where some may not use any form of deodorant, one would think the remarks would have been qualified as such. If the laid a blanket comment about "black people", then he should wear the collar of a racist. I suspect the latter and it appears he would wear a pretty big collar.

According to, the Italian CEO also has issues with America.  Apparently our nation is becoming a Muslim state in the eyes and mind of the Revlon racist. (The read is a great brief recanting of the comments replete with reminders of other executives who have "gone racial" as a privilege of their power.) 

For sake of fairness in reporting, it should be noted Revlon has responded to the claims with disparaging remarks about Alan Meyers. Remarks that included assertions of a state of "disgruntled."  

As is my practice let's take a look at how the consumer products CEO could very well have thrown much strategic planning and market strategy out with the wash of racism and bigotry. It is important to note the 30 second advertisement posted above has at least two shots of black women as marketing targets.

Lorenzo Delpani

Executive Compensation

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Director at REVLON INC -CL ALorenzo Delpani made $1,131,583in total compensation. Of this total $161,250 was received as a salary, $970,333 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $0 was awarded as stock and $0 came from other types of compensation. This information is according to proxy statements filed for the 2013 fiscal year.

President and Chief Executive Officer, DirectorREVLON INC -CL AView local and national averages forChief Executive Officer salaries$1.1MILLION$161,250Base Pay$970,333Bonus + Non-EquityIncentive Comp$1,131,583Total Cash Comp$0Stock Award Value$0Option Award Value$0Total Equity$0Total Other$1,131,583 Total CompensationFiscal Year Ended in 2013

It appears the Italian racist isn't among the power elites of Corporate America, but he is certainly well seated into the nations Top .05% (ers). 

Now, for a quick look at how Revlon makes its revenues. Earnings that during a past life could have placed the CEO's comments into a termination package. Consumer products corporations must carefully tread perceptions of fairness and must exercise great care in offending potential customers. Unfortunately, those days passed many years ago. Today the CEO is allowed to wear HIS social stripes boldly and proudly without concern about offending black people (customer market segments).

The Business.....2013 SEC  



The last slide above has "race" as a market mix item.  If anyone can get past the comment from the CEO with thoughts of  (IF TRUE) "freedom of speech" or that is his prerogative, think about the insensitivity to humankind of making such remarks to a member of his management team.

If the statements are true, we have yet another example of Mitt Romney as a corporate elitist without regard for the foibles of people who run corporations. The corporation is a charted entity with the singular purpose of returning a profit to shareholders and a secondary mission of maintaining itself as an on-going business concern. It is an unfeeling and non-thinking entity. When we add the dynamics of human thought, shortcomings and biases mixed with money-grabbing greed, we have a mix that is exemplified by the Revlon CEO, the Sony Top level executives and the likes of Woody Allen. Allen not long ago stated he would only cast a black person in a role that called for a black person.

The shame of it all. Is there any wonder we are seeming, reading and hearing more blatant and overt racism across the US?

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