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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Addictinginfo: Palin Video Letter Rant To ISIS

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Palin watch! She really is a major  embarrassment to the United States a d a gold-digger par excellence!

Sarah Palin Releases Insane Video Letter Rant To ISIS (VIDEO)

AUTHOR MARCH 28, 2015 5:16 PM

Sarah Palin has issued a bizarre rant to wannabe jihadists everywhere in a rambling video posted to her Facebook account. Palin wrote in the post:

“As crazy as it sounds, a U.S. citizen who leaves this country to join ISIS, al Qaeda, or any other terrorist organization does not immediately lose his or her citizenship. That needs to change!”

The comment accompanied a video in which the former Republican governor of Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate rambles over a montage of past terrorist acts in the U.S. (insert spooky music here) seemingly designed to leave viewers with high blood pressure, anxious sweats and a sense of impending doom. She says in the video:

“It’s a simple fact that some people are drawn to ISIS’s brutality. They’re actually inspired by videos of beheadings and burnings. They actually believe ISIS’s religious message.

After recent jihadist attacks on Australia, and Canada, and France, and Denmark, the message is clear: no place is safe from jihad.”

The scaremongering rant has been shared more than 3,000 times, and gained more than 32,000 likes.

While it has been reported that some 20,000 foreigners have gone to fight for the Islamic State which controls portions of Iraq and Syria, it is unclear how many of these are American. In a report by CNN earlier this month James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, estimated the number at just 180.

Palin’s rant comes after the attempt by Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas to pass legislation revoking the citizenship rights of Americans joining ISIS. He was defeated by the Democrats.

Cruz and Palin both overlook the 14th amendment, which guarantees the rights of citizenship for people born or naturalized in the United States.

As Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune wrote at the time:

“Letting the federal government deprive Americans of their nationality is something that should give pause to anyone acquainted with the Constitution or history.”

Judging by the general tone of the comments section under the video, Palin fans don’t place much stock in the Constitution of the United States of America, or the rights and responsibilities granted therein. Despite arguing in one breath about the terror of “big government,” in the next they willingly hand federal government the power to strip a person’s citizenship rights.

Democrats thankfully took a different approach. They crushed the Cruz bill, arguing that while any citizen who joins a foreign army engaged in acts against the U.S. should face the full force of the law, the state itself must not act outside of the law.

Indeed, in operations like this one from Brooklyn in February of this year, Americans who attempt to join ISIS are being caught by the FBI, arrested and prosecuted for their crimes. So why would Palin and Cruz seek to grant such draconian powers to the government when existing law is working?

It would seem to form a pattern of hypocrisy among Republican lawmakers and voters alike who seek to make the U.S. constitution partisan, granting the rights therein to them alone. Freedom of Speech so long as you speak in agreement with GOP values, Freedom of Religion so long as you’re Christian, and so on. This is where Palin, Fox News, and GOP lawmakers betray the most important principle of the U.S. Constitution. Namely, that the rights it guarantees are absolute, and not in the gift of any government to take away.

You can watch Palin’s rant in the video below (see the full video and post here):
Featured Image via YouTube

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