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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tom Cotton Steals Ted Cruz's De Facto Senate Leadership (Same Results)

Your Vote Counts......Image via Creative Commons
Tom Cotton, the new Senate de facto leader has a trail that you might find interesting. As you follow the trail that follows, you might also find how and why so many GOP Senators lock-stepped' behind a proven war-hawk.

"A Stupid Trail that leads directly to Dumbsville."

Crooks and Liars......

You Will Be Shocked To Know Who's Been Grooming Tehran Tom

At Mondoweiss this morning, we get some idea of exactly who's been grooming "Tehran Tom" Cotton -- and why: The neoconservatives reached out and groomed Tom Cotton when they saw him coming down the pike. The Harvard College and Harvard Law grad spent just one term in the Congress before challenging and defeating Mark Pryor last…

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