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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chris Matthews Speaks Out Against Reince Priebus's Voter Suppression

Earlier this week, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Hardball, broadcast a show closing piece that is as timely and relevant as Republican obstruction against President Obama, and the nation, since January 2009. The "Let Me Finish" segment included a Matthews posit on an underlying operative behind GOP suppression of election votes: RNC Chair, Reince Priebus.

The less than two minute segment is a must view for any American who consider themselves serious about fair elections with regard to the US Constitution and the right to vote.


Cogent, poignant and relevant.

In February, Matthews  broadcast a segment about the RNC Chair and voter suppression.  As with all media hosts, the words "race based" election strategy isn't often leveled at Priebus and the GOP; it is an existential reality. Matthews is the single cable news host who doesn't hesitate to call out Priebus as he sees the RNC Chair. (the clip is eight plus minutes run time).  I skipped through to the more salient points and avoided a bit of the panel commentary. 

Just before the 2012 General Elections, Matthews (among a large set of guest) on The Morning Joe Show, turned the show a bit topsy-turvy as he launched into an emotion laden charge against Priebus and his leadership of the RNC.

If progressive and liberal media against; more direct about the obvious GOP strategy, the nation suffers over the long haul. Voter suppression against black voters, becomes suppression against Latino voters, and how often are we now hearing from noted right wing demagogues women should not have the right to vote (Limbaugh, Coulter and Fox News; Tantaros). You, of course, notice two of the delineated demagogues are women. 

I am record for criticism of Matthews for his hands-off tacit support for Rand Paul. When the MSNBC host steps up as he has consistently done regarding Priebus's leadership of the RNC, I tip my hat.

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