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Friday, March 13, 2015

GOP Jim Crow!

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Until media places coverage of items that lend to investigation and comment form journalist, the US will continue to ease slide into regressive measures and acts against American nonage populations. Humankind should have learned that oppressors do not stop their oppression when the subject/target group is placed in a box. The oppressor via his paradigm will seek to apply his oppressive psyche against others and will work with equal zeal to place that group in yet another box. Eventually, the diseased mind will metastasize into a self-destructive gob, who finds he has actually consumed and shut-down any decency associated with his being.

An example of metastasized oppression, hatred and associated acts culminated in 1945 in the ruins of Berlin and in the Pacific with deployment of two Atom bombs.

American oppression is boiling over like a seething and out of control witches brew. The key ingredients in the bias (gender et al), bigotry, racism, religious intolerance, and white nationalism abetted by social wherewithal. Those who oppress do it because, they can.

Since the early 1980s national social oppression and related obstruction of a president, in part related to race, has blanketed the nation since January 2009. A blanket that appears as a tightly woven work from a skilled grandmother and developing as effectively as centuries of American Jim Crow. 

While the oppressive social institution called Jim Crow may not have obviously or overtly reached into your life, and that of your extended family, rest assured it seeped into every fabric of America.  

The election of Barack Obama to the Presidency has reopened a abscess in the United States that was virtually sealed for none to see up until Ronald Reagan won the Oval Office. If you can find a way to avoid seeing the horrors of the social cancer spreading from American conservatism, you might be spending far too much time watching Fox News and sitting to AM radio talk shows. You may have become a social zombie easily manipulated to enter a voting booth and cast a social vote that leads to winning elections for people who serve corporate interest over the interest of 330 million Americans. You need look no farther than "The 47" members of the US Senate who via blind obstruction have carved an unprecedented archive in US History.
While I find MSNBC's Hardball show host, Chris Matthews, a walking political dichotomy via his claimed liberalism offset by an obvious affinity for Rand Paul, I will admit he "nailed" GOP Jim Crow as has no other Journalist.

Mediaite published the Matthews "Let Me Finish" segment. Find it linked and embed below.

Partial text:
“Some day years from now people will look back on this presidency and see it in sharper contrast,” Matthews began. “They will read how it started with the Republican Senate leader calling for the president’s defeat, declaring that the business of the opposition from the first day was to ensure the new president, A) accomplishes nothing; and B) gets booted from office as quickly as possible.”

“They will read all this and wonder what was it that made this Republican opposition so all out contemptuous of an American president?” the MSNBC host asked. “What made it treat him as below respect, below the dignity historically accorded his office?”

His conclusion: “They will then look at a picture of this president, a picture of this man, and perhaps get the idea that the age of Jim Crow managed to find a new habitat in the early 21st century Republican Party.”

Spend 33 seconds on this segment also.

Cogent and poignant!

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