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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inkster, Michigan Man Beaten By A Band Or Cops. The Latest In The Series

COP Feast!

The video camera is revealing more cases of COP abuse against African-Americans. The latest episode in the series took place in the Great State of Michigan. An alleged unarmed citizens was pulled over by cops; the innocent middle aged victim was unfortunate in being pulled over by a cop with a record of heavy-handed law enforcement. The victim was fortunate in one respect: the video camera. Imagine Criminal Justice without the video camera.

Southern California Cop beats woman broad daylight.

South Carolina Trooper orders derive to show license and then shoots the compliant citizen

Ted Cruz so eloquently stated: "Imagine!"

Imagine the extent to which cop brutality against the black community would be either exponentially greater and exposed to a much lesser degree with the video camera. 

Imagine decades of such abuse hidden among the snickers and jokes of the boys black and blue as they sipped beers or as they feasted on donuts. 

Imagine back to Mark Fuhrman's comments about "nigger" abused in holding rooms and the glee to which he delivered his story to move developer. 

Imagine Rodney King's accusations without video evidence of the horror.

Now watch as MSNBC's Chris Hayes address the cop abuse. The Hayes segment includes video of the so-called "Robo Cop" reaching into pocket and drawing out a plastic bag. The relevant video segment this at the 5:14 minute mark and runs for 15 seconds. Hayes also offers the first MSNBC interview with the  beaten citizen.

How can we watch weekly examples of cop brutality against black people and not assume it has come to be the fun machismo thing to do? A game with a preordained loser with no prospect of serious remedy via the courts.  

My imagery of the Inkster brutality reminds of a pack of predators devouring fallen prey.  How about you?


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