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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Levi Petit: SAE Chanter's "Big Apology"

Levi Petit and Parker Rice: Privilege run a muck.
Levi Petit when asked why he used the racial slur laced chant. In essence he was asked why he used the words. His response was stupefying and indicative of a greater problem that exist throughout the nation.

 “I didn’t know how or   why they were wrong.”

Is it possible Petit was actually raised from birth to full adulthood without exposure to the impact of the word "nigger?" While, I strongly suspect he was raised in a bubble fully insulated from minorities and form people who's parents may have toiled for wages of salaries, I have to wonder about the veracity of not knowing use of nigger was a derogatory guttural slur.

Is life as depicted below void of any consideration of America beyond the golf links and the Mercedes Benz? Do the nation's top 1% (ers) and their offspring totally avoid new broadcast? 

Image result for levi pettit golf  

Here is the problem with racism:

Shortly after revelation their son was chief cheerleader in the "SAE No Nigger" chant, the parents issued a public statement.

As parents of Levi, we love him and care for him deeply. He made a horrible mistake, and will live with the consequences forever. However, we also know the depth of our son's character. He is a good boy, but what we saw in those videos is disgusting. While it may be difficult for those who only know Levi from the video to understand, we know his heart, and he is not a racist. We raised him to be loving and inclusive and we all remain surrounded by a diverse, close-knit group of friends.
We were as shocked and saddened by this news as anyone. Of course, we are sad for our son – but more importantly, we apologize to the community he has hurt. We would also like to apologize to the – entire African American community, University of Oklahoma student body and administration. Our family has the responsibility to apologize, and also to seek forgiveness and reconciliation. Our words will only go so far – as a family, we commit to following our words with deeds.
To our friends and family, thank you for your kind comments and prayers. They are very comforting in this difficult time.
We ask that the media and public please respect our family's privacy as we come together to heal and determine next steps.
Well done! But, we have a problem. How does an alleged "good boy," for one second believe that his privileged life should include sanctioning overt oppression against a people? Who planted the (oppressive) white privilege seeds from which a young mind grew to overt exhibitions that carry this collar?
noun plural noun: racists 
1a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinistsupremacist 
plural noun: racists 
1having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.
We can rest assured the seed was planted. If not from his parents certainly from a life that might have included being a "jock" without regard for the hurt perpetrated against others. In either case the young man without doubt posed a potential hurt to anyone. If not the "No Nigger" chant, the young elitist might have taken his vile inclinations or need for attention to acts of misogyny, homophobia or focused acts of violence.

Petit's transgressions are being handled in a manner quite outside the scope of the normal "caught racist" and subsequent apology. His parents have the wherewithal to publish a well crafted in not eloquent disclaimer regarding their "good boy" and the remedies didn't stop at that point. 

According to the family employed a professional interventionist to exorcise their son's demons and serve as PR agent.
......crisis strategist Bill Coletti, whose biography indicates that he has worked with companies like Target and The Home Depot.
The much more common racist issues the standard perfunctory apology and moves on. Notice Collett is referred to as a "crisis strategist." Is wealth the answer to stamping out such acts? A more apropos question: "Is wealthy the most expeditious and effective way of cleansing the young racists record?" A "crisis strategist" in corporate America is not a diversity interventionist by any stretch of one's imagination. It is impossible to believe the super corporate consultant will affect a mindset change in young Petit beyond the humility of his public comment and apology.  It is probable the strategist will cleanse Petit's racist act as a lingering hindrance to his future acceptance to universities and Top 1% employment. 

Let's watch the first step from the high level reputation cleansing. Before you go negative on my posit, I acknowledge young Petit's right (no pun intended) steps. 

Levi Pettit, one of the University of Oklahoma frat members caught in the video of an SAE n-word chant, held a press conference today to publicly apologize for his words and asked for forgiveness.
Pettit was one of the two students who ended up expelled over the racist chant, and since then he has met with local leaders in the black community.Today Pettit asked for forgiveness and repeatedly apologized for the horrible comments he chanted. He said all the good in his life “has been erased by a six-second video” and said he will “feel the pain of it for the rest of my life.” 
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Pettit that after meeting with community leaders, he better understood the weight and meaning of those words. When asked by a reporter a little later why he used racist words, despite knowing they were wrong, he said, “I didn’t know how or why they were wrong.” 
You can watch Pettit’s full comments here, via MSNBC:

I prefer the NBC News version of the Petit comments: inked here

The true lesson for young Petit should have started with his first discernment of the English language and with his first recognition of emotion for those who raised him. Moreover the lesson spans well beyond recognition of race as it differentiates people, it should have included deeper understanding of humble and tolerance of those far less privileged. I will add, he should also have been raised to understand being a "cool" jock, is generally not a long lasting phenomenon.

For the Petit's "lessons delivered late in life never supersede those delivered in formative years."  Even basic social lessons along with the golf Nine Iron and the Mercedes would have better prepared their son for a full life. Now the Petit's must contribute to US GDP via contracting a crisis strategist. For young Petit, the true test is how his thoughts and behavior are shaped when he is exposed to acts like those he orchestrated at Oklahoma University. 

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