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Friday, March 27, 2015

Menards, Scott Walker, Dark Money And Meager Job Growth


The uber wealthy spend more money buying politicians than actually working with their CEO's to offer products and services at a reasonable price to consumers. Why provide cost effective products and services, when the business owner can contribute via Citizens United to campaign sponsorship at unlimited levels in total anonymity?

Anonymity...A beautiful state of incognito where the uber wealthy live quite the opposite their physical lives of conspicuous consumption, opulence and lavishness. We can watch them tool around in the yachts, take-off and land in private jets often limousine chauffeured by man servants, but when they exercise their ;real social power they slide into obscurity. Anonymity....a place of nameless nowheresville that is off limits to you and me beyond our meager state of self imposed secrecy on social media; if we so chose.

Apparently, the owner of Menards, hardware chain, is one such money-broker. As Rachel Maddow indicates in the following piece, he is one of the nation's, thus the world's, most wealthy and he wields power via his wealth. Wealth and power wherewithal exercises like a magic wand via political conduits such as the new Republican Party darling: Scott Walker.

Maddow's piece was spot-on, as is always the case. But, lets sprinkle a piece from Yahoo News over the Walker dark money for a better absorption of the facts. Yahoo News......Wisconsin gov scott walker photo charlie

And, how does the potential conduits go about fertilizing the environment that so lavishly anoints them with "dark money?" They consult with corporatist, they lie, and they manipulate the voters into beliefs patterns that lead to re-election despite poor records as political leaders.

Example...... Scott Walker and Job Growth. The shifty will not mention job growth as winning strategy. He would prefer to flagship his union busting while comparing the war on the states middle class union memebrs to the nation's fight with ISIS.

Ugly eh?

Sine we made a point about the extent to which political candidates play to their money broker constituents with the ever present "lie" as a tool, I have linked a Politifact's review of Walker's statements. I think only Rand Paul lies more.

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