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The Pardu
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Missouri Man Sought Weapons To Shoot President Obama!

When the hateful brain feeds the mouth vile fodder, the butt full body (to avoid misunderstanding the vernacular) more often than not suffers the most.

Prison time forthcoming!  

24-year-old Stover resident Cameron James Stout is 
charged with plotting to shoot and kill the President of 
the United States within the next few weeks.

Connect MidMissouri Dot Com reports:

According to Dickinson, Stout approached a confidential informant who is a former member of the Aryan Nation on March 13, asking if he could procure a high-powered rifle with which he could shoot the President. The informant said Stout told him he was going to kill the President and that he was serious. He said he was a competent shot at a range of up to 200 yards. 
The next day, as the informant and Stout were working on ATVs together, Stout explained his plan to shoot the President, drawing two diagrams of Washington, D.C., and locations from which he planned to shoot. He said he planned to use a Weatherby .270 calibre rifle that he had loaned to another person but had gotten back. 
The last meeting was Tuesday morning, when Stout met with the informant and his supposed superior in the Aryan Nation. Plans were made to set Stout up in Crown Center in Kansas City and shoot the President the next time he visits.
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