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Monday, March 23, 2015

More Racism Among The Boys In Blue

“And that n—– lover in the wagon.” 
The Boys in Blue
Et Tu Fort Lauderdale!

Are the "Boys in Blue," becoming the troops of oppressive regression from the Right?
As the nation moves through the first quarter of the 21st century and the third century of life as a sovereign nation excised from what some considered an oppressive England, we have signs many in the nation want to turn back the clock. American conservatism has unleashed a horror across America that if left unchecked and non-extinguished will evolve like religious dogma.

Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan's "Southern Strategy" carved out large geographic swaths from the US South to the Great Northern Western Canadian border

From this pre-Civil War map...

To this, with associated social paradigm dangerously providing a backdrop for our devolving social climate.

2004 map (understanding some states swing with elections) SEEING RED: THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE FEDERAL BOON


What does this mean: ".....associated social paradigm dangerously providing a backdrop for our devolving social climate?" The simple answer. When political operatives and political party policy shape a nation winning elections supersedes common decency and social tolerance. The Republican Party via its longstanding election winning strategy has provided a landscape in which it is not only acceptable to live as an overt racist; exhibitions of racism are becoming ever-present and shared among people who would at a different time have shunned such acts. It is also important to cogitate the reality of minority conservatives who work to spread the ideology, via their lockstep lack of responses when members of their movement go overt with racism and racist acts.  

Evermore dangerous is growing evidence of Police departments as fertile ground for oppression against the black community.  Aside from weekly reports of disparate treatment of suspects, citizens and application of the law, we are also finding deep rooted racist acts among those charged with enforcing our laws. Acts among cops who derive income from the very people they so readily oppress.  

The Department of Justice Ferguson Missouri Report reveal a comprehensive administration that protected unbalanced treatment of black and whites and the increasing use of technology to perpetrate "good old boy" racist acts. The text message and email have become the late night transporter of racist ideology among groups of people who routinely equip themselves with eight to nine weapons of personal destruction.

David Horsey via his artistry summed it up best.


We certainly need well armed cops in America. It is unfortunate, but the nation is not England or Japan where the firearm is generally weapon locked down in armories or more prevalent in police departments and on military bases. Americans are reported to own 300 million weapons. While we need well armed cops, we do not need cops who take their personal hatred of a people beyond their bulletproof vests onto the streets of our cities.  Any police department with cancerous racists embed among its officers is a path to maiming and death for some Americans. 

As evidenced by Ferguson Missouri's over-the-top core of blanket bias and racism across its city officials, it may be time to review the inner workings are core ideology of all big city police departments.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the latest department to fire or removed officers who took their racism to humor and machismo via text messages.

Peruse a sampling via TruthVoice Dot Com.

Among the texts were: 
Holding: “Id have that noose ready” 
“The panty dropper had it’s first fail. This chick was high class cuban, nada impressed her. F—— cuban elite” 
“I had a wet dream that you two found those two n—— in the VW and gave them the death penalty right there on the spot.” 
Sousa: “Holdings we are coming and drinking all your beer and killing n——.” 
Alvarez: “Jimmy what would big dad do to that n—–. Get that n—– out from under that wagon.” 
Wells: “And that n—– lover in the wagon.” 
Alvarez also produced a video – a mock movie trailer titled “The Hoods,” police said. The video showed images of President Barack Obama wearing a gold chain and gold tooth caps; someone wearing a Ku Klux Klansman’s hood; an African-American man being bitten by a police dog; a bloody scene and a wanted poster for “an escaped slave.”
We often hear about "we need more police training." Police training is not the issue when we consider deep rooted bias, bigotry and racism. The core of the problem is hiring practices that include the same personal tendencies and inclinations that plagues corporate America. People hire (in their likeness and within the, understandable, scope of their personal paradigm. If hiring practices do not includes tools to assess the hidden bigot or racist behind the smile, we will continue to see racism ooze to the surface.
“I had a wet dream that you two found those two n—— in the VW and gave them the death penalty right there on the spot.”

A "wet dream!" 

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