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Thursday, March 26, 2015

MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Mother Jones, David Corn Dealt With GOP "Gish Gallop" Strategist

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Ted Cruz has again garnered national attention with what will turn against the GOP like legislation to improve the US economy.  Cruz will compete against Rand "Chameleon" Paul and Scott "Koch'd" Walker and divide the zany vote. His Canadian birth will also pose a problem for the nation's most wealthy birther: Donald TrumpCould Cruz pave the way for a run from yet another Bush? The man is a bundle for trouble for the GOP. Oh, the horrors of the GOP.

Last night's Hardball ran with a segment worthy the viewing time, if you didn't see the segment. Chris Matthews sat with David Corn, Mother Jones, and yet another "Gish Gallop motor-mouth" Republican strategist. An important feature in the 12 minutes segment was David Corn;s assertion of Cruz playing to a white far-right Christian crowd and the strategist quickly responded: "He is hispanic."  

Intriguing!  Clarence Thomas was born as a black man, but life for the far right conservative Supreme Court Justice developed very much differently than the vast majority of African-Americans. Some time in his life,d Thomas came to hate his ethnic background, and his self-loathing manifest as impactful as any conservative Justice in US History.

The strategist's Gish Gallop efforts to quickly fire back at Corn left her very much vulnerable to a counter punch retort that had to sting. The award winning Mother Jones journalist responded with the fact Cruz may not be an idol of the Latino Community based on his stance and votes against immigration. The mouthy strategist grew quiet for once in the interview.

The interview is a bit long, but you will not find a dull moment. You will also find deep insight into the shallowness and mantra driven GOP.


Of course, I am biased, but GOP strategist really should prepared for segments with journalist the caliber of Matthews and Corn. 

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