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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quick Hit: President Obama Delivers Against GOP Obstruction And FInally Flaunts it!

The following segment from the Lawrence O'Donnell's, The Last Word it worthy of posting and archiving for a few reasons. The first 2:08 minutes of the segment remind of what many of progressives, liberals and rational independents would love to have seen from President Obama as he neared the end of his first term. For some reason Democrats do a lousy job of flaunting the reality of their national saving deeds. In the segment Obama delivered point-on mocking towards GOP mouth pieces who delivered unfettered obstruction at every turn is point on. In fact, I would love to see a segment of a full ten minutes of the president responding to Right wing dogma that often reached the guttural depths of a tadpole pool.

We have posted the full segment, but as if often the case the last seen plus minutes of the segment is mere talking head time filing for MSNBC viewers. 

Or, you can view this clipped segment via You Tube. Heck, why not watch the two minutes again? A moment of US History.

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