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Friday, March 20, 2015

Red States: Constituents Who Know Not Representation

Let's take a quick information journey through GOP constituent states (AKA Red States). Our traipse will include quick look graphs that should induce questions of why so many across the nation consistently vote GOP. 

I once heard a learned major city PhD (chemistry), noted symphony violinist say that he waits to see how minorities are voting for his personal voting choices. Needless to say, his point was he votes opposite minority voters.

Teen Birthrates (2008)...... Looks awful Red State, and take a close look at the US Bible Belt.

It appears the woman who ranted about "communism" (a clear metaphor for, socialism), lives in a state that is within the top 20 recipients of funding from the federal government.

During the run up to the Affordable Care Act the common refrain from GOP politicians was "death panels. The following graphic is a bit dated, but I doubt we will find a major shift in the aggregated data. The data indicates life in Red States (with exception for California) might be more fleeting than non-red states. Sadly, the impetus of the lose of life is ;homicide. 

Speaking of homicides...the following graphic is unfathomable. The murder of women is markedly higher in traditional red states.

Health Care Spending (Pew Trusts) 

The following health care reared category inks do not bode well for states that consistently vote Republicans to high office.  Is the southern and red state social vote so alluring basic health care takes a back seat? 

Clicking category links will yield relevant graphics for each category. Some graphics should be considered only from the perspective of the GOP's obsession with eliminating the Affordable Care Act which undoubtedly helps many in regions of highest experience or highest need.

Uninsured Rate Among Adults - Percentage of Americans ages 18–64 without health insurance, 2011

Vital Statistics

Prevention  Treatment

The data should make one wonder.

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