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Monday, March 30, 2015

Scott Walker As Eagle Scout Prepped for the White House

  A big leap from there to here                                     
The opposition research group American Bridge 21st Century — a left-leaning group that keeps an eye on GOP candidates captured Scott Walker at his best. The man is as dimwitted as a 10 Watt light bulb on moonless night in the middle of a forest.

Scott Walker has been forced to deliver address his qualifications as evidence he can serve as Commander-in-Chief. Previous efforts to answer the question led to evidence of abysmal thinking processes accompanied by irrefutable evidence he is not ready for a presidential warm-up act. The US Presidency is so far beyond his mental competency, it really isn't even funny. After catching deep hell about offering his union-busting activities in his home state as evidence he could take on and defeat ISIS flopped equal to his schmoozing and groveling prank phone call with a fake David Koch, Walker was force to dig deeper. 

When asked by conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt about serving as Commander-In-Chief Scott dug deep and he really dug deep.

“Does the prospect of being commander in chief daunt you? Because the world that you describe when you’re talking about safety is going to require a commitment to American men and women abroad, obviously at some point. How do you think about that?”
He shoveled as deep as his mind could reach, especially when stifled by a lack of critical thinking skills often honed in one's latter years of undergraduate studiesI will avoid metaphorical references to attainment of advanced degrees to avoid detracting from Walker and his nascent evidence he can lead our unparalleled military.  

The media cameras forbidden event is somewhat reminiscent of Mitt Romney schmoozing remarks during his failed 2012 presidential campaign. well, actually what you are about to read from Scott pales to Romney's elitist pandering. However, it is amazes what conservative politicians feed their supporters when they feel cloaked from open media scrutiny.

ReverPress offers a good read of the Hewitt/Scott interview. I have posted a copy of the surreptitious question and answer video, here. Yes, Scott Walker offered up his attainment of the level of Eagle Scout as evidence he can command the greatest military on Earth. 

ReverPress linked....

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