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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: "The 47's" Senate Leader

"The 47"

Repentance from some, recalcitrance from others.  In all cases "The 47" Earn their place in The Daily GOP Ignominious.

The de facto leader of the GOP Senate Majority visited the Sunday Morning news circuit this past Sunday.  Of course, he stuck to his position on sending the letter, even while appearing as out of place as any 60 day member of the US Senate.  

His journey around the networks drew attention of social media's more creative characters.  One such masterpiece was published on the TPI yesterday:
As I often state visuals are far more powerful than the written word!

NewsBusters video, here.

We also published a 33 second segment of the CBS interview with Bob Schieffer. The quick hit portion of the segment no doubt sent the creator of the meme (above) scurrying with talent laden wherewithal for the social media post. 


Schieffer's mockery was uncharacteristic, but relevant in addressing the infantile nature of the Senators Senate leadership.

Cotton also told the Face the Nation audience he has "no regrets at all" regarding his work in publishing the letter. 

"It's so important we communicated this message straight to Iran," Cotton stated.

Administration reaction and response hasn't been tempered.

John Kerry was asked if he would apologize to Iranian's for the letter from "The 47."

Watch Kerry's interview video via CBS:

President Obama was more measured, but uncharacteristically stinging in his typically cerebral manner. 

"I'm embarrassed for them......" 

Obama interview with VICE media founder Shane Smith.
“I’m embarrassed for them, for them to address a letter to the ayatollah, who they claim is our mortal enemy, and their basic argument to them is, ‘Don’t deal with our president because you can’t trust him to follow through on an agreement,’” Obama said, referring to the open letter that 47 Republican senators signed and sent last week to the leaders of Iran“It’s close to unprecedented,” he added.
The following video is an excerpt from the eighteen minute interview.

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