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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The GOP Reacts To The Iran Letter Flak; "The Ugly", "The Dumb" and The Recalcitrant!"

McCain "Snowstorm"
And, McCain signs "lots of letters.

Ron Johnson "One Regret"
The nascent (60 days in the Senate) GOP de facto Senate Leader has ho regrets about the letter. Did I read a report he ran off to a Defense Contractor conference mere days after his and the other 46 Senators seditious letter? Did I also read he was awarded $1 million from the  (Bill Kristol's dark money group)? New York Magazine and the Ultra-Conservative touch to the Cotton letter. It should be noted New York Magazine does not make the connection to a political donation from the Emergency Committee For Israel PAC.

Another southern gentleman Senator stands tall in his recalcitrant stupidity.  

Rand Paul goes typical Paul with over-the-top lying about his participation in joining 46 other GOP Senators in traipsing "The Stupid Trail that ends in Dumbsville."

And of course, we know Marco Rubio stated he would issue yet another letter. Rubio will run for the GOP nomination in 2016. It is pathetic when "dumb" wallows in "dumber" while leering down the "Stupid Trail" at the Dumbsville skyline.

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