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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Worst Of The DOJ Ferguson Report (Post-Racial America?)

Ferguson, Missouri protesters became an unwitting victim of opportunist hooligans who sought to derive benefit from the death of Michael Brown and subsequent legal proceedings.  Some protesters became targets of American "White Privilege' strictly reserved for any unrest in a black community. 

Think of a time when you heard revelers of winning or losing a sports championship as "animals."  Since, it was not possible to find such an image, think of what follows and seek a common denominator. You will find race as the core driver.

"........a white cop telling protesters to "bring it, all you f--king animals," (20 second to 27 second mark)

October 21, 2014 - 2:09 PM
By Michael W. Chapman

Actor and Director Kevin Sorbo. (AP)
Sorbo, a Christian and conservative in Hollywood, was criticized by some liberal media, such as The Huffington Post, when he wrote against the Ferguson rioters back on Aug. 20 on his Facebook page. Sorbo had written, “Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man. It is an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are.”
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Protesters also caught the scorn of New York City former Police Commissioner and convicted felon (Rudy Giuliani's buddy) was given a platform by CNN. A platform to label protesters "savages and animals" when the looters and more violent of the Ferguson protests fizzled as opportunity waned.

Looters and provocateurs caught more scorn from many on the Right then any Wall Street "devil" who consistently rob Americans of billions.

But, let's not digress.

If you subscribe to the common mindset of protesters against social oppression, you are insulted form its ravages.  
Many protesters of Michael Brown's summary execution by a Ferguson, Missouri cop, bemoaned life in an environment that is so foreign the majority population their lives are literally "devalued." How many Americans have you observed actively speak out against militarization of police forces and tactics in the Black Community? How about your reaction and the reaction of your friends, family and neighbors as you witness increasing violence against African-Americans? How about when you saw this.....

The truth at the roots of social unrest in Black Communities is much more easily understood if you take a few minutes to see the reality of oppression. Oppression perpetrated by law enforcement with full approval of those who lead our communities. and, a reality you cannot fathom unless you questions paradigms developed throughout your life.

Ferguson Missouri is a tip of the iceberg. You may have found contempt for looters, as did I, but you may have allowed your contempt to spread to a movement that warranted attention, intervention and remedy. The Ferguson part-time mayor speaks about not having a racial problem in Ferguson when his police department is a reach infestation of racism. The greater Ferguson community is not a cesspool of overt racism, but many in those communities have no interest in the plight of others who are of less fortune or who are "the other."

Huffington Post recently published a few items from the Department Of Justice Report on Ferguson, Missouri (specifically the police department).

Now, add a screenshot from a CNN News segment

The following segment is being trumpeted by some on the Right as a St. Louis Police Commission "dweeb" teaching Anderson Cooper a lesson in statistics.  If you watch the following and come away feeling the "dweeb" official is nothing more than a mere Carte-Blanche exponent of oppressive racism, you really should avoid visiting this web page.

Anderson Cooper Grills St. Louis Police Rep for Calling DOJ Report ‘Flimsy’

Anderson Cooper tonight confronted St. Louis police spokesman Jeff Roorda after he dismissedthe DOJ report on racially-motivated Ferguson policing as “flimsy.” Roorda told Cooper that “the meat of the report” (Darren Wilson not being charged) was wrapped in a “flimsy tortilla” making ridiculous allegations against the police.

Cooper got a little frustrated as he repeatedly asked Roorda about the statistics about Ferguson police targeting black people and Roorda deflected or deferred. When Roorda told Cooper that there are black people in the nearby area that drive through Ferguson, Cooper told him that still doesn’t account for the high ticket statistics.

Roorda pivoted to the angry Ferguson protesters to blame them for some of the outcry, but Cooper told him based on how little everyone’s heard from the Ferguson police on this, it doesn’t seem like they care. Cooper even said the Ferguson police chief is “running away like a cockroach.”
Watch the full segment below, via CNN:
[image via screengrab]
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Let's end this piece here (a piece I posted today regarding an incident in a community that neighbors Ferguson, Missouri. 

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