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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fox News's Hannity Hosted A Time-bomb; Explosion Ensued.

Reports are the guest imaged to the left of Hannity has previously espoused the virtues of US Slavery.
Fox News arranged the perfect exhibition regarding the killing of Walter Scott.  

What better arrangement than two black men (preordained and booked to argue their points), with Hannity taking the only logical position: No excuse for the cop killing?

The arrangement came unglued when Hannity's scheduling included an outright clown (AKA a reverend) to side with the execution of Walter Scott. The segment ended as should have been anticipated, the nutty reverend irritated Hannity's other guest to the point of leaving the set. The following video includes a snippet that must have surprised the popular Fox News guest reverend: Hannity stated there was no excuse for the in the back shots that killed Walter Scott.

Hannity Guest Walks Out: 'I'm Not Going To Sit Here And Listen To This Hate'

One of Sean Hannity's guests last night was pissed. He was so pissed off that he walked right off the show during an argument about the shooting death of Walker Scott. Leo Terrell became angry with Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson after he said people need to "stop overreacting" in cases like the Scott shooting, because of…

Cable news show bookings are key to viewership; Fox News is the master network at servicing its viewers. The networks third tier demagogue, Hannity, is a three-ring circus leader who uses his production team provide titillating entertainment for his zany viewers. The interaction above must have been the perfect popcorn bowl/candy cotton segment.

The stage was set for a classic exhibition. The figurative three ring circus (Hannity and his two black guests) were ready to satisfy the quirky longings of Hannity's viewers.

And it failed!

Why the caption under the lead image? If reports are accurate and the conservative reverend has espoused an affinity for human bondage, think of the motive and callousness of the Fox News booking.

If you want to see and hear a Fox News segment that worked far more effectively, read on. 

Geraldo Rivera, the networks resident person of color demagogue, goes insane with rational justification for Scott losing his life with five body shots. One shot hit Scott's ear, which leads to thoughts of the killer cop attempting a head shot.

The set of Fox and Friends is a far better (giggly) set for espousing justification for an outright Cop murder. Watch.... (only two minutes)

The perfect skip through segment to illustrate why Rivera seems to fail to understand progressive do not appreciate his role as a Fox News tool: linked Occupy Wall Street segment. Skip through the segment; it is ten minutes in duration. and some footage isn't germane to my reason for posting the video.

Fox News and their highly compensated demagogues are effective in delivering false messages and delivering on the Roger Ailes business model. The network is the most destructive social force in the United States and far exceeds any social demons on the poli/social Right.

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