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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary's Statements Veracity?

PolitiFact runs an "over-a-period" truth analysis of statement of political figures and publishes the results a easy to read "no thought necessary" graphic: "Truth-O-Meter."

Hillary Clinton's Truth-O-meter is no surprise. The category by category analysis is both interesting, and educational.

Here is the link to the analysis: here. Unlike the chart below, clinking the chart on the PolitiFact website navigates to specific details about each category. 


Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, is also a former Democratic senator from New York. Her Truth-O-Meter record over the past eight years includes 34 Trues, 14 Mostly Trues, 22 Half Trues, 17 Mostly Falses, nine Falses and Two Pants on Fires.
We’ll be watching her campaign closely looking for facts to check, but here are some of the most interesting Clinton fact-checks we’ve done so far.
Read much more linked above.
If you want perspective, view a few Truth-O-Meters for the group of Republican candidates.
Yes of course I include the only likely Democrats to make himself a sacrificial lamb for a Hillary launch post primaries. 
Actually and honestly, no candidate who will make a viable Republican opponent against Clinton has a terrible statement readout. Well, there is one: Ted Cruz's readout does not skewer towards categories indicating consistent honesty.

Just for fun, let's take a look at a hypothetical run against the GOP's 2012 presidential ticket.

Heck, the cast of candidates from the Right with an exception of Cruz, stacks-up better than their 2012 ticket candidates.

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