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Monday, April 13, 2015

Libertarianism? Jeff Carlson, The TPI And Others See A Fallacy And False Prophecy

The item above is an example of the major fallacies associated with US Libertarianism. Read the "believe in" blended area and excuse your lack of knowledge if your thoughts of what you read are a diametrically opposite reality.
I have commented on the fallacy for what some call Libertarianism for decades. It is a flawed ideology which has been captured by the GOP, (and conservatives) corralled, and rendered regressive and oppressive in the context of the total society.

We often hear Libertarian yelps of: "Liberty." Yes, we recently heard it from Vladimir Putin's Edward Snowden and we heard same mantra within that same week from Rand Paul. Paul "the Younger" who has publicly stated he would have preserve the rights of private business owners to refuse service to customers. since, Paul did not say "based on race" I left that thought of the last sentence. 

We have echoes' of Paul's "Liberty, Liberty, Liberty" as he told CNN's Dana Bash that issue of LGBT marriage (same sex) it would become a matter for the states. Really? He would call states rights liberty when each and every Red State is completely infested with GOP elected officials and The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has a figurative testicle grip on the majority of those state officials. 

As a matter of fact Ron Paul is a Libertarian celebrity equal to only the Koch brothers. Paul's archived history and frequent consorting with white supremacists should cause heartburn for any so-called Libertarian.

Today's Libertarianism is nothing more than closeted US conservatism with a bit more open mindedness for control substance smoking. Or, according to Paul "The Elder's" legalization of Heroin.

Yet, the real fallacy of Libertarian exist in the realm of US Business, US markets and a lack of sensible economic policy. The ideology is also suffering from ever-present and oozing interjection of "church" into matters of state.

Jeff Carlson, Friend of the TPI, on his take of Us Libertarianism.

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The Party of Scrooge - History of American Politics

What so many people do not understand, much of what we are seeing in this country falls under Libertarian. From Mega Churches to Mega Corporations this country is slipping away. 
Take some time and read the whole Article: I selected a few things for you: 
It's a worst-case scenario for Libertarians.  
Yes, that's what I meant to say. It's a worst-case scenario for Libertarians. It's the political death-knell for anyone with "Rand" in their name, and pretty much anyone who believes in their theories of welfare privatization. It's ironic, because free-market enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to use the failing welfare system as "proof" that we need to turn things over to private entities, churches, and for-profit agencies. 
They've been so vocal about it that we forgot to ask the most obvious question: If the free market is so great at providing for poor people, why are there so many poor people in the most unregulated and least taxed free market in the First World? 
America is not under a tax burden. It's suffering from a deficit in tax revenue. That's... the opposite of a tax burden. Particularly in the highest brackets, taxes are extraordinarily low. 
Corporations pay virtually nothing in taxes, and profits are as high as they've ever been. The rich haven't been so rich since before the First War to End All Wars. We have no shortage of either well-off private entities or poor people who need help.
And there's almost no help forthcoming.
What might a Libertarian say when confronted with the apparent destruction of their sociopolitical philosophy? I suspect he'd suggest that if we lower taxes even more, people will become more benevolent, but we just discussed that canard. The rich are not suffering in the slightest under an IRS burden. The richest 4% have enough in reserve to treat the entire country to dinner for years without even a modest drop in their own standard of living. 
There's also the pesky fact that if tax rates on these very rich were a bit less modest, there wouldn't be as many poor people because... well... there would be more tax revenue. Tax revenue is what funds welfare. Welfare is what pays for the necessities for poor people.…/the-welfare-question-libertarians… 
This Country needs to get back to being a Country of “WE” and not the Libertarian “I HAVE MINE AND I AM GOING TO TAKE YOURS”.
Jeff 2015 

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