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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Obama Derangement To The Max (Video)

Earlier in the week President Obama ended his comments at the Easter Prayer Breakfast.  As is always the case any utterance from the President becomes fodder for far right dogma and feed for Fox News sycophant viewers.  The Prayer Breakfast was no exception.  

I have posted  (below) the ending statements from the address from the White House Dot Gov website. Wouldn't you know embedded in the closing comments, the Right found the fodder they seek each and every day. I highlighted (in green) the specific words that are nourishing this week's Obama derangement. 

The Easter Prayer Breakfast (partial remarks)
That’s the spirit we feel in the example of His Holiness, Pope Francis, who encourages us to seek peace, to serve the marginalized, and be good stewards of God’s creation. Like millions of Americans, I’m honored that we will be welcoming him to our country later this year.

I want to quote him. He says that we should strive “to see the Lord in every excluded person who is thirsty, hungry, naked; to see the Lord present even in those who have lost their faith… imprisoned, sick, unemployed, persecuted; to see the Lord in the leper -- whether in body or soul -- who encounters discrimination.” 
Isn’t that how Jesus lived? Isn't that how He loved? Embracing those who were different; serving the marginalized; humbling Himself to the last. This is the example that we are called to follow -- to love Him with all our hearts and mind and soul, and to love our neighbors -- all of our neighbors -- as ourselves. As it says in the first letter of John, “Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 
On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love. And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned. But that's a topic for another day. (Laughter and applause.)

Where there is injustice -- I was about to veer off. (Laughter.) I'm pulling it back. Where there is injustice we defend the oppressed. Where there is disagreement, we treat each other with compassion and respect. Where there are differences, we find strength in our common humanity, knowing that we are all children of God.                                                                                                                                                                                
So today, we celebrate the magnificent glory of our risen Savior.  I pray that we will live up to His example.  I pray that I will live up to His example.  I fall short so often.  Every day I try to do better.  I pray that we will be strengthened by His eternal love.  I pray that we will be worthy of His many blessings.

Now for a bit of classic Fox News Derangement from the networks official Obama hater and chief derangement director: Sean Hannity.


Crooks & Liars published the video above along with a retelling of the Hannity and his guests disparaging comments. Linked here.

Two to there points on the Reverend Wright portion of Hannity video. First, I deplore all things associated Wright's words in the video (recorded and probably sold by Wright himself). Sunday sermons that certain around politics is yet another reason for my aversion to mingling church and state. I believe there were others with similar concerns as the US Constitution was under development. 

If Pastors were not inclined to place cameras in their church halls and video tape sermons, I suspect Wright and others would avoid such sermons. Revenue for pastors is disturbing reality. Next, candidate Obama thoroughly repudiated Wright's remarks and subsequently delivered the nations most eloquent speech on race in record US History. The presidential candidate also stated he was an infrequent attendee at Wright's church and was not in the congregation during that sermon.

Questioning the President's religious inclinations is a tool during period when issues of the US economy is not available for manipulation. We would be remiss and you naive, if you do not recognize Right-wing babbling in bigotry and racism isn't at the root of Hannity's propaganda.

If President Obama is a "questionable": christian and in fact a cloaked Muslim, the Islamic Faith would pose a problem for Obama's "faking" life as a Christian. 

In 2011, Patheos'  published a piece about Presidents and religion (church attendance specifically).

Last Sunday, the Obamas held hands to cross Lafayette Park and attended the 11 a.m. worship service at St. John’s, a small Episcopal church that is famous for hosting Presidents. It was just their third visit to a local church this year, and one of a handful of church services they’ve attended in Washington since moving into the White House. More often, Obama and his family have followed the lead of the Bush family, joining the congregation at Camp David when they spend the weekend at the presidential retreat in Maryland, but staying home on Sunday mornings when in Washington….
In January of this year, Joshua DuBois offered an even more revealing set of imagery regarding the Obama's and the presidents without question devotion to Christianity. "Keeping Tabs on Obama’s Church Attendance Is No Way to Gauge His Faith."

All distractions aside three things stand as fact when the Right goes after the president regarding religion. As state above, the president's race (and his father's social background) leads to conservative race baiting to other conservatives and Obama hating independents.  

It is impossible to avoid the perception of "white privilege" immersed in Hannity's propaganda. Granted, no other US president was inseminated by a father who was reported to have been a believer in the Islamic faith, but we cannot lose the fact no other president has been of any ethnicity other than white. Thus, Hannity and others practice a particularly vile form of racism when they reach to attack Obama simply based on factual and appropriate remarks at a Prayer Breakfast. Also we must remind, Obama had no relationship with his father and actually only meet his father twice and one such meeting was in an airport in what appeared a fleeting moment.

Allow me to close this farcical attack on the president with a video of the Right's dogma regarding Obama "The Other."

MSNBC, Hardball

Derangement is ugly, hatred is heinous, and the political Right seems consumed with both. Your conservative vote, unfortunately fuels all of the above. Facilitating more Republican political losses, the only way to return the nation to any level of decency. More losses will also stem the tide of politicians and media who so obviously derive some form of benefit from wealthy Americans and foreign interests.

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