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Monday, April 6, 2015

Jeb Bush Political Deception: More Than Possibility..Try Practice

Do you recall the Mitt Romney Univision appearance during his 2012 run against President Obama. If you are not aware of Univision....

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  1. Univisión is an American Spanish language broadcast television network that is owned by Univision Communications. Wikipedia

No matter your mindset of political construct, Romney's act was an embarrassment for all. It also reflects on his campaign team and deep down it reflected on Romney's inner core. An inner core that indicates a willingness to go visibly phony to appeal. The 'masking' should have sent a message across the full scope of Latino community comparable to this message his campaign sent to the African-American community (and Black conservatives).

Romney minority outreach from his campaign website.

Why the Univision make-up? Why the in-your-face omission of 13 plus million Americans from the candidate's outreach to communities? The short answer...a callousness regarding race that permeates the GOP, and an area of insensitivity for those who reap the privilege of white and GOP. Romney's acts also validate the level of indifference and intolerance to all that is non-white, non-christian and outside the box of conservative. 

Ultimately, his tan face at Univision clearly revealed willingness to deceive.

Why are we finding over-the-top deception for GOP presidential hopefuls? A visit to The Tampa Bay Times Politifact or Punditfact web pages offer opportunity to see the extent to which the GOP and conservatives are will fully misrepresent "their ;facts."  And there is no false message conservative entities comparable to far right media; the& flagship: Fox News. If you are not a Fox News viewer you are probably well versed in the network basic business model that include outright deception of its viewers.

Deception has an ever-present and equal reaction. When the truth-be-told, the deceptive person is revealed as something of a fraud. While false information purveyors such as Bill O'Reilly garner huge viewer ratings for his nightly performances on Fox News, once deception moves from the television monitor to the political arena serious issues ensue.

The New York Times is reporting Jeb Bush in 2009, completed a voter registration form and listed his ethnicity as "Hispanic." HISPANIC?

The New York Times
In a 2009 voter-registration application, obtained from the Miami-Dade County Elections Department, Mr. Bush marked Hispanic in the field labeled “race/ethnicity.” 
A Bush spokeswoman could offer no explanation for the characterization.


The application process includes an oath of honesty:   the voter is swearing or affirming an oath.

Aren't we seeing quite enough of political lies and misrepresentations from our politicians. Even President Obama fell victim to a majority lack of understanding of the provisions of the ACA; thus he now wears a collar of liar in that regard. The lie works and our politicians seem to find the lie an useful tool in every aspect of their lives. ;

We have conservative politicians rallying around the Israel Prime Minister against the US President, despite Netanyahu's outright lies to win the recent Israeli election. As stated above Fox News's major product is the political and social lie to support conservative ideology and dogma and garners great success. Is the lie becoming an admirable reality?

Jeb Bush's manipulation of the voter application process is as revealing as it gets. Let's consider yet another statement regarding veracity. Jeb's brother George W. is the perfect example of "Fake It To Make It," via the lie.

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