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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Prospects For Peace, GOP Reaction; Your Dollars And Children May Suffer War

Barack Obama's election in 2008 must have appeared as an oasis for Iran. Candidate Obama offered early signals he would talk with any nation to foster and preserve peace. In the course of the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama's words were a campaign mantra against "....bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran" John McCain. Also, his expression of willingness to talk to avoid war echoed the spirit of his opposition to Bush/Cheney's Invasion of Iraq. After eight years of Bush wars the US would have self imposed a death knell with more war. An election win for McCain, or four years later a win for Romney, would without question have led to an OK for an Israeli attack against Iran's nuclear programs. War bells toll as if the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq never happened. Some on the right are now offering wanton quest for the indiscriminate bombing of Iran is the thing to do (e.g. John Bolton, former Bush recess appointment Ambassador to the United Nations). Apparently, "war-hawk" McCain supports similar attacks.

Let's take Bolton's jingoist dogma and that of McCain to another more dangerous level. If you need any level of evidence, Your GOP is seeking yet another war, following this link (s) to John Boehner's war drivel. Mind you, Boehner is second in ascendancy to the Presidency should tragedy befall both President Obama and Vice President Biden.

After literally driving the United States into the precipice of economic ruin, in part due to two wars and cutting taxes, Your GOP longs for more war.

Before we move to another perspective on the real prospect of a "deal" consider a key position from a key Republican. John Boehner's Speaker of the House of Representatives, is speaking as if he also longs for war. While speaking about President Obama as an "anti-war" president, the Speaker reveals a paradigm that while longstanding among card carrying members of the GOP, also reveals what can only exist as an inner desire for war with Iran. A longing that seems to manifest in obedient servitude to the GOP's major constituency: Money-broker oligarch and the defense industry.

Unequivocally, 2008 candidate Obama directed his desire to talk to a nation weary of war and to a nation that would eventually become strangling with sanctions. Sanctions work! If you doubt in any way the deleterious effect of years under international sanctions, give Vladimir Putin a call. Or better yet, ask Edward Snowden to ask Putin on your behalf.

I posit Iranian leaders also got the willingness to talk message from Obama. Talk ensued apparently via diplomatic channels well before the US public was told of the prospect of a path to an Iran without a nuclear weapon.

From the reaction of the Iranian people, or large parts of the population the talks are as welcome as any given New Year. PBS offers a video about conditions in Iran prior to this past week's "agreement." The video actually reports on conditions that lead up to Iran's willingness to talk.

Now, take another minute and check out another very brief video of how Iranian daily life may change once sanctions are eased (should the agreement lead to such): Posted by PBS NewsHour on Sunday, April 5, 2015 In 1 minute: Learn how daily life in Iran may change if the nuclear agreement holds and sanctions are eased. Plus, watch our 2014 report from Tehran ►

Many sources are reporting the agreement has potential for a "good deal." The only comment I hear and read with negative deal overtones emanate from Israel's Prime Minister, Netanyahu, Fox News and the GOP.
Former Johnson Era adviser and national security adviser to Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke on MSNBC about alternatives to the "deal." The operative words in Brzezinski minutes of the show: "self-destruction", without a deal. MSNBC linked, here.

Now, for that detail we so love here on the TPI. The Atlantic published a piece that offers the reader "by the numbers" clarity on the potential deal.

with all out efforts to sabotage the deal. Let's hope President Obama, the international community, and Iran will deal (pun intended) the "dark-side" yet another defeat.

You and I will pay for war weaponry and war, or kids and grand kids will fight the war, while the uber wealthy, relatives of members of congress and demagogues on Fox News remain Top 1% insulated from the ravishes of war.

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