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Friday, April 10, 2015

Quick Hit: Obama Selling-Out Christians? Fox News Alert

BuzzFeed GIF
Obama Derangement at the leave of 9 on that Richter Scale. 

Fox News has no regard for the psyches of their viewers. Maybe, I should rephrase the last statement. Fox News has less regard for their viewers than revenue via advancing far-right wing lunacy. The individuals int he following video know full well they are feeding their audience unadulterated bull. The segment is a bit long, but now when feeding sycophant Obama Haters, a full feeding is important. 

Obama supporting the killing of Christians, by Muslims around the globe!  As you view the video recognize Kelly as the same Fox News personality who went here (Pepper Spray), and here (White Santa).  After White Santa the comments that were without question an exercise of white privilege, Kelly (after a few days of the set) came back with as lame a set of words imaginable: here. Think for a second, Santa aged kids on the East Coast watching of all shows The Kelly files at 10:00PM!

Ok, so he stage is set for this......

As we move away from the latest insanity from Megyn Kelly, let's close with a couple of additional Fox News "shorts" from Twitter.

Andrea Tantaros worries Obama will ‘trade’ Boston bomber to ISIS if he doesn’t get death penalty
— Eric W. Dolan (@EWDolan) April 9, 2015
If you do not see the obvious efforts to derange the public psyche via such broadcast you might be a Fox News viewer.

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