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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rand Paul: Not Moving From The Tree!

"End Corruption" in 2012; see video below.  "End the Deficit"; Obama is doing that quite well. Lest we forget "legalize heroin"
Would you like a bit of insight into why you will find consistent and continues references to Rand "The Younger" Paul not falling far from the tree (figurative for his father)?  No I am not speaking of "the Younger's" seeming likeness to his father regarding Civil Rights.  Rand Paul has declared that were he in the Congress in the mid 1960s he would not have voted for Civil Rights legislation related to "forcing private business owners" to provide services regardless of race. In much more simple terms, he would not have voted to desegregate lunch counters at Woolworth Stores, SS Kresges and many other privately owned businesses forced to serve black people.



With regard to Paul "The Younger's" comments regarding legislation that forced desegregation of facilities with any level of public access, it is virtually impossible to avoid reflection on his father's social dynamics. Ron Paul has snuggled with white supremacists, sat for conference calls with supremacists and published an over-the-top heinous newsletter in the 1990s. If you are one to retort Paul did not write the newsletter articles, know that a close confidant has stated Paul certainly proofed the newsletter. It should be noted the young man in the image linked via "white supremacists" is the son of the pictured Don Black who has a past of leadership of a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. The son has repudiated the ideology his father has held so dear. Nonetheless, Paul "The Elder", has said history. 

Rand Paul may not publicly espouse views that his father so proud embraced, but his stance against desegregation of facilities is revealing. 

I am more concern with another area of "The Younger" nascent campaign. Let's move to another more germane area of concern regarding Rand Paul and how closely he lives to his father's roots. 

Rachel Maddow ran a segment a few hours ago, that flat nails the younger Paul's inability to move far away from his father's social dynamics.  

It will be interesting to see how the GOP and American's conservatives will react to Paul "The Younger" as a primary candidate.  

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