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Friday, April 3, 2015

Rand Paul Quick Hit: Campaign "Chameleon"

                 Three Tree and the Apple

Rand Paul is the ultimate Flim-flam Man. President Obama has even referred to the inimitable character as "interesting." Chris Matthews, MSNBC Hardball, has handled Paul with notable affinity when in fact, Paul should have garnered major scorn for the supposed liberal news host. The Kentucky Senator is a master of "tell you what you want to here" and when he doesn't agree you get that shifty "I'm not sure" refrain. Even more poignant, when cornered he will simply move to "I did not say that."  

Exhibit One: The interview of all interviews. Paul admits he would not have supported civil Rights legislation and ends a mumbling wreck reaching back to the craters of the US Constitution. he segment video is over six minutes long, but worth each nano-second.

Two years later Paul flat denied his aversion to legislation that forces a business owner to serve all customers regardless of race (and we have come to find) sexual orientation. When confronted by an MSNBC reporter Paul grabs a word nuance and flatly denies his comment to Maddow.

Exhibit Two: Yes, Paul "The Younger"  there is a "but."

"I abhor racism...but."

Buzz Feed's Andrew Kaczynski illustrated the extent to which Paul will change his colors or mold his (at the moment) dialog to impress, mislead or manipulate those with whom he is speaking. Moreover, he seems to spend more time and effort masking the real Paul "The Younger"than speaking about a Paul doctrine. Of course, when one spends time blending and changing with the climate one cannot actually possess a doctrine.

The Chameleon will simply grab a position (background) and snuggle-in. 

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