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Monday, April 6, 2015

Reagan's One Million Jobs Report Via George Will

Image via Media Matters
An hour ago I published this piece regarding Jeb Bush's 2009 completion of a voter registration application and checking his ethnicity as "hispanic."  Problem!

The piece also includes comment regarding the increasing and ever-present "political lie" and the GOP's inclination to taken the of the lie well over the top.   

There is no need to delve deeper into the Bush lie beyond reminders of the extent to which his brother (DUBYA) dupe the nation and the world.

What follows is another example of my point regarding the "Lie" As policy and practice.  George Will, since joining Fox News has developed a penchant for over the top lying and hyperbolic Obama derangement that rivals the combined "veracity" essence of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly bundled like a cable TV package.  

Will jumped on the march jobs report (126,000 jobs; 5.5% unemployment rate) with heightened fever. The Fox News demagogue was inordinately quite as the following data contributed to the this illustration.

The Daily Kos reports on the jobs "slowdown"

We at the TPI do not pretend not to see and acknowledge the lower jobs numbers for March 2015. We are also mindful of slowed manufacturing production to date in 2015. However. Will's virtual silence on the administration jobs performance prior to this past Sunday is both telling and manipulative. If Will spoke on jobs reports over the past few months, he probably focused on that popular anti-good jobs report mantra: The US Employment Participation Rate.

Let's take The Daily Kos chart and add a bit of "George Will."  

What we have is unbalanced viewer driven demagoguery, common to Fox News hosts and paid talk heads. Will rolled out a false and very manipulative Reagan monthly jobs number ("one million jobs in a month") that was actually 650,000 jobs with he a preponderance of that number due to telephone employees returning from a national strike. And, there-in lies the essence of will. He knows factors that contributed to the number, yet he went hyperbolic with "one million" jobs in a month.

The rhetoric is not only a willful false representation, Will insults the intellect of people who I refer to as "HIVS" (high Information Voters)

Media Matters

George Will Revives Tired Canard That Reagan.....

Yes, George Will fits the Fox News business model liek an expensive leather glove.

Politifact on Will's demagoguery:    Pants on Fire!

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